HITS Keynote: Design Thinking can Apply to Media

By Chris Tribbey

When attendees at the May 25 “Holly-wired: Where IT and Entertainment Meet” event return from lunch, they’ll be treated to a presentation on “design thinking.”

It’s a concept where any innovation starts with a human-centered approach, forcing the designer of any concept to look at the needs of people when creating.

If it all sounds a little new age, don’t laugh: the team at design and innovation consulting firm IDEO knows what they’re talking about. They’ve won numerous awards, been featured on “60 Minutes,” produce TED Talks, even run their own prototype labs.

And the May 25 “Design Thinking: A Unified Framework for Innovation” presentation by Peter Hyer, portfolio director of IDEO, will let HITS attendees know how design thinking can be used in all corners of their businesses.

“For decades, IDEO has been helping top companies innovate — by increasing creative competitiveness through applying design thinking to a wide range of problems,” Hyer said. “At HITS, we want to share how design thinking can benefit media and entertainment. I hope that attendees come away inspired and excited to look at challenges in a new way.”

His presentation will center around a series of stages any development needs in order to take design thinking seriously: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. It’s a proven product-development technique that puts customers first when creating goods and services.

Everyone can think like a designer to transform the way their organizations develop products, services and strategies.

“Media companies must relate to their audiences in new ways — not just as a consumer of their products but as participants and collaborators,” Hyer said. “Design thinking provides an actionable framework that helps reduce risk, uncover latent needs and foster a closer connection to customers and fans.”

The May 25 gathering of the Hollywood IT community will see speakers from major studios, technology companies, distributors and more. Entertainment Partners and FilmTrack lead a list of event sponsors that also includes Avanade, Cognizant, Expert System Enterprise, MarkLogic, MediaSilo, Avere, Qumulo, Rovi, SalesForce and Slack.

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