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Mindtree Signs Service Integration Capabilities Agreement with Sandvik (HITS)

Mindtree will design, setup and manage a geography hub, that will serve to consolidate and streamline Sandvik’s global operations, providing flexibility and agility to their IT landscape. Mindtree and Sandvik will work together on building efficiencies and economies-of-scale across Sandvik’s global organization, providing it the scale necessary to build, operate and reinforce it’s service management capabilities…

Rostow Ravanan, Executive Director, Mindtree said, “We see this initiative as an important step for Sandvik to drive growth in its key markets. Sandvik has a multi-phase approach to their transition, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. Our expertise in delivering value for clients, will enable us to help Sandvik meet its strategic goals in this field.”

Petra Ålund, MD Sandvik IT GSS said, “This is the first time we have embarked on such a model and we sought a partner with the ability to work on large transformation programs, and yet still be able to provide a customized plan, specific to the unique needs we had. We selected Mindtree for their strong domain expertise in manufacturing, their ability to innovate and most importantly the cultural fit. We found the company culture and values of Mindtree being in line and close to Sandvik’s own, and we believe that in Mindtree we have a partner who can scale along with our needs.”