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Aspera Uses SC15 to Show Off Data Transfer Advancements

Aspera, IBM’s high-speed file transfer software arm, will use this week’s SC15 Conference in Austin, Texas to showcase several new innovations for data transfer between computing applications, the company announced.

Aspera plans to unveil solutions that include global WAN file transfer speeds of up to 100 Gbps, auto scaling for clustered transfers for the cloud, data ingest for high performance computing (HPC) analytics and ultra-high-speed global file sharing. The annual SC Conference, running Nov. 16-19, covers the latest advances in HPC, networking, storage and analysis.

“The ability to connect high-performance computing locations with extreme high-speed data transfer capabilities on commodity hardware demonstrates the potential for any organization working with large data sets to accelerate big data research and collaboration while also reducing data center costs,” Aspera said in a statement.

The 100 Gbps file-transfer demonstration comes from a next-generation
Aspera will be demonstrating a next generation fast performance transport software (FASP) prototype, developed in collaboration with Intel. Aspera said FASP has “no theoretical throughput limit,” with only available network bandwidth and the hardware resources at both ends of the transfers putting limitations on how quickly data can be moved.

Aspera’s new cluster transfer capabilities for public cloud and high-performance computing applications features new auto-scale technology, allowing for real-time scaling of transfer capacity, with a single transfer session divided over multiple virtual hosts, moving content at 10 Gbps or faster.

Aspera will be set up at booth No. 286 at the show.