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Rovi Debuts New Music Discovery Platform

Rovi. Corp. Nov. 4 announced it’s combined three of its products — search, recommendations and conversation — into one personalized service music providers can offer their consumers: Rovi Music Discovery Platform.

The new offering covers metadata for more than three million albums and 30 million tracks, and promises to give consumers fast and accurate search options based on a listener’s behavior and tastes.

“In today’s pivotal age of streaming, the abundance of music content makes it increasingly important for our customers to differentiate their offerings and deliver an outstanding discovery experience to their users,” said Michael Hawkey, SVP of discovery for Rovi.

“Music providers are looking for the best way to connect listeners to the music they love. They also want to introduce consumers to new favorites based on their listening habits, current mood, and evolving tastes, as well as expose them to what is popular or trending. With Rovi Music Discovery, listeners can have a more engaging and satisfying experience with a wealth of personalized entertainment choices.”

Rovi Music Discovery Platform gives Rovi customers the ability to give music fans instant access to everything from songs to artist information using a a combination of hybrid algorithms and entertainment metadata, pumping out descriptive results based on how users search for content, and their profile information and consumption history.

The service also includes an “error-tolerant” voice search solution for music discovery, using predictive semantic intelligence, Rovi added. For more information, visit Rovicorp.com.