FilmTrack Launches Partner Portal Metadata Solution

Intellectual property management software company FilmTrack has launched a new Aspera-enabled end-to-end asset ingestion and workflow tool, dubbed Partner Portal.

The new offering will enable FilmTrack customers to quickly upload data into FilmTrack’s metadata repository, allowing for rapid metadata and digital asset ingestion. FilmTrack touts the service as an efficient way for companies to manage large data sets, maintaining existing data structures, without using much in the way of manual labor.

“Our customers require the highest speed of data ingestion and rich-media file delivery,” FilmTrack CEO Jason Kassin said. “Our Partner Portal, in concert with FilmTrack’s already popular Extranet, offers a revolutionary solution to this challenge, helping companies to achieve tremendous cost savings, increased efficiency and enhanced security across their entire workflow — and all on a single convenient platform.”

FilmTrack’s Extranet Delivery Manager uses Aspera’s high-speed transfer technology to power real-time cloud-based distribution of digital assets. Partner Portal’s Aspera-enabled upload feature allows customers to ingest large digital assets, with approval of digital assets limited to authorized users with assigned credentials.

FilmTrack added that with the addition of multiple permission levels and other enhanced security features, companies using Partner Portal can safeguard their data.