Building a Successful Business on a Backbone of Process, Procedure and Customer Service

Last month CDSA had the pleasure of attending an Open House event thrown by Los Angeles Duplication & Broadcast (LADB) at their Burbank facility that is right across the street from Disney. It was a high-end affair with a tented red carpet entrance, exquisite hors d’oeuvres and a well-dressed army of servers and valets. LADB TeamEric Collins, LADB’s president and co-founder, was giving hands on demonstrations of their ultra-secure and monitored mobile delivery unit and their staff offered tours for VIPs of their first class facility that handles a multitude of “just-in-time” services for their studio and broadcast clientele. Robert Seidenglanz, LADB’s co-founder, also took time to guide guests through their facility showcasing its expanded capacity due to an efficient workflow strategy that helps new and existing customers take advantage of their companywide customer service culture of being reliable, fast and cutting edge to deliver on just about any need proposed by a content creator or production unit.

It was a lovely evening but looking back on the event it is their business culture around quality and content security that keeps resonating. In the tented area outside of the front entrance their consultant on security, Tom Carlson, gave an overview presentation throughout the event on the strategy that he helped LADB create where a commitment to both quality work and security is a cornerstone to their value proposition to customers. In addition to being a CDSA certified facility, LADB has dual ISO certifications (9001 and 27001) and an obvious strict adherence to the MPAA’s best practices for facilities working with their member companies. LADB is one of the only small companies committed to this comprehensive, 3-pronged security approach that have been validated by third party oversight. What’s so impressive is how the structured process created around these industry standards/initiatives drives their entire business from the drivers and front desk staff all the way up to the senior management team. And, the idea that LADB understands the importance of risk and accept the stewardship role/responsibility against all risk threats with their customers content whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental demonstrates that LADB is a thought leader for smaller companies in the production chain.

What is also notable about their formal program and commitment around security is not only their internal practices on client satisfaction, quality management and education it is the idea that they have processes in place to continually improve both quality and security service delivery. By having a mechanism for monitoring and measuring each internal department (IT, HR, Operations, Purchasing, Sales) activity with client’s content, through both internal and external oversight and a commitment to change management, they are exemplary in approach with an eye to the future. This is critical for any business working in our industry – a commitment to continually evolve with the technologies that help the creative community make the best content in the most efficient and secure workflow possible.

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