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Jargon Technologies Launches JargonTalk 2.0

Jargon Technologies announced the launch of JargonTalk 2.0, a cross-platform technology that enables advanced interactive applications which run on a multitude of devices. Building on the success of JargonTalk 1.0, this version offers streamlined integration, Blu-ray Disc™ update capabilities as well as synchronization with iTunes™.

JargonTalk 1.0 enabled discovery and communication for devices across network, social media integration, and the use of network services. It was used in second screen apps for various high profile titles such as Warner Home Video’s Happy Feet Two and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Sony Picture Home Entertainment’s The Amazing Spider-Man© and Twentieth Century Fox’s Prometheus.

CEO Bhanu Srikanth states, “We are excited to report that JargonTalk 1.0 has delivered beyond our client’s expectations. During development of these applications, we came to realize the need for simplifying the Second Screen workflow further, to allow our clients more time in their creative cycles. JargonTalk 2.0 can be incorporated on any Blu-ray™ disc quickly with minimal impact on existing code. The creative process for the apps can take place after the disc is shipped. This way our clients can have a staggered schedule and are not burdened with developing and releasing products on various platforms all at once.”

JargonTalk 2.0 also includes the functionality for providing updates to a Blu-ray™ disc via smartphones and tablets, eliminating the need for expensive back-end infrastructure.

“The most exciting feature we have added is synchronizing with iTunes®, allowing our clients to build one Second Screen app that can sync with Blu-ray™ and/or iTunes®. We are also targeting various other digital delivery methods so our clients can maximize the return on their investments in Second Screen,” added Srikanth.

Jargon is also bolstering their frameworks for iOS and Android platforms to enable rapid prototyping and development in response to the reduced timelines for Blu-ray™ companion apps. The frameworks have been used in stand-alone apps such as Twentieth Century Fox’s Rio Coloring for the title Rio, Chipwrecked: Chipmunk Coloring for the title Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, Pirate Picasso for the title Ice Age: Continental Drift as well as second screen apps for Twentieth Century Fox’s Prometheus and Sony Picture Home Entertainment’s The Amazing Spider-Man© Second Screen app.