MESA Member Webinar Week Ahead: July 13-17

Top tips for better customer service from Zendesk, ideas on when to archive content on-premises vs. the cloud from Caringo, and a bevy of work-from-home and future of media and entertainment remote-work insights from the CEO of Box. Those are just a few of the online events me... More

M&E Day: Pandemic Has Only Accelerated Cloud Adoption, Signiant CMO Says

COVID-19 has only served to increase cloud adoption among media and entertainment organizations, according to Jon Finegold, chief marketing officer at file movement software company Signiant. “Given the pandemic, we’re certainly seeing an acceleration of cloud adoption,”... More

Box CEO to Discuss ‘The Future of Work’ July 16

Giant increases in digital collaboration, more productivity in the afternoons, and more work being done outside of normal business hours. The shift to remote working has resulted in a number of eye-opening changes to how work, and business, is done, with unexpected challenges ... More

M&E Journal: Be the Buffalo

By Timothy Sheehy - I live on the Great Plains. Home to horizons that go on forever, and blue skies that go even farther. Vast areas of land and air that impress you with your ultimate smallness. Home to blizzards that will literally rip the breath from your lungs. Blizzard... More

M&E Day: RSG Media Explores How AI, ML Can Boost Media Companies’ Revenue

Artificial intelligence (AI)- and machine learning (ML)-driven analytics are busting long-loved myths and giving savvy media companies the radical insights they need to upend how they do business, and the technologies can be used to give a lift to their revenues, according to Shi... More

M&E Day: Zendesk Looks at How COVID-19 Has Changed the Customer Experience

You probably don’t need a survey to tell you the pandemic has changed the consumer experience, from the way they access content, to how they communicate in their professional and business lives. But just how much — and how quickly — things have changed, and how long-term... More

Where Does M&E Truly Stand With 5G?

By Michael Darer, Content Marketing Manager, Signiant - Of the many up-and-coming technologies discussed today, 5G often tops the list. With 5G networks now in more than 375 cities and 34 countries, innovators and technologists are investigating its potential across numerous ... More

M&E Day: Convergent Risks Stresses Need for End-to-End Security

It's important that media and entertainment organisations' security initiatives keep pace with the needs of today’s distributed workforce and collaborative workflows, according to Convergent Risks. As we emerge from the 2020 pandemic lockdown, the M&E supply chain is adaptin... More

M&E Day: Whip Media Examines Post-COVID Future of Premium VOD

For many years now, cinema admissions have been under pressure, with only the big-budget tentpole titles — films with a budget of $100-million or more — and animations accounting for notable year-to-year growth in ticket sales, according to Paul Hastings, SVP of EMEA sales fo... More

LMT Chair: Language Metadata Table Helps Everybody Manage Their Media Assets

The Language Metadata Table (LMT) was created to provide a unified source of reference of language codes for use throughout the media and entertainment industries, and it continues to win support and make important strides, according to Yonah Levenson, manager of metadata strateg... More