NAB 2018: ZOO Digital Adds Facial Recognition to Content Security Mix (Rapid TV News)

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NAGRA, MTM Gear Up for ‘Pay-TV Innovation Forum’ (SCN)

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PwC Testing a Blockchain Analytics Tool for Tracking the Global Footprint of ICO Tokens (SCMP)

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Netflix’s Newest App Isn’t for Consumers, but the People Making Its Shows (Variety)

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Teradata Unlocks IoT Value for Smart Cities with Cisco Integration (SCN)

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Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain: 3 Major Benefits of Combining These Two Mega-Trends (Forbes)

2. Blockchain can help us track, understand and explain decisions made by AI - Decisions made by AIs can sometimes be hard for humans to understand. This is because they are capabl... More

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor Discusses Innovation Across Industries (Mobile ID World)

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CES 2018: Gracenote Unveils Apple CarPlay Concept; Nagra Spotlights OpenTV Signature Edition (SCN)

Gracenote used the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to spotlight a concept designed to overcome the dilemma of consumers not being able to use the popular Apple CarPlay applica... More

IBM, Maersk Form Joint Venture Applying Blockchain to Improve Global Trade, Digitize Supply Chains (SCN)

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CES 2018: Wipro Touts Voice Recognition, IoT, AI; Adobe’s Bullish on AR, VR (SCN)

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