Alibaba is Using AI to Create Tailor-Made Shopping Experiences (The Drum)

Alibaba is using artificial intelligence (AI) to create tailor-made shopping experiences for consumers and targeted marketing for brands as it seeks to “empower people in the vir... More

Okta CEO: Company’s in ‘Early Innings of a Significant Market Opportunity’

Okta got off to a strong start for its fiscal year in the first quarter (ended April 30), seeing revenue growth and solid demand for its secure identity management services, accord... More

Bing Launches Bots for Local Businesses (Mar Tech Today)

The Bots are coming. Through its Bot Framework, Microsoft is integrating chatbots into search results — to make search more interactive and transactional. In April, Matt McGee... More

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends: It’s Becoming More About Image, Voice, Location (Geo Marketing)

The importance of voice-activation, connected intelligence, visual search, and location targeting as pathways for organizing and using digital channels that Kleiner Perkins Caufiel... More

Facebook is Building its Own Neuroscience Center to Study Marketing (Adweek)

Next month, Facebook plans to open what it’s calling the Center for Marketing Science Innovation, which will be a place for the social network to conduct neuroscience research th... More

How IBM Built One of the World’s Top Digital Agencies (Silicon Republic)

Digital transformation, big data and customer experience meet at IBM Interactive Experience (IBM IX), Big Blue’s digital agency backed by considerable computing power. “[We] ar... More

LinkedIn (Finally) Rolls Out Retargeting, CRM Matching (AdExchanger)

LinkedIn on Monday launched its version of a CRM-matching and retargeting tool called Matched Audiences. Matched Audiences encompasses site retargeting and account-based and contac... More

Harnessing Your Brand Assets to Win Over the Digital Customer (CMO)

Identifying when to engage with a customer is one thing; ensuring the right content is at your fingertips when it’s time to engage with that customer is another. OpenText senior ... More

Netflix Has Found a New Way to Make You Never Leave Netflix (Vanity Fair)

Netflix is no long interested in subtlety. The streaming platform announced that it is doing away with its current five-star rating system and switching over to a thumbs up–thumb... More

Why Proximity Beacon Marketing Won’t Survive 2017 (PerformanceIN)

Whilst one cannot deny that beacon technology is hugely appealing and the potential rewards are hugely beneficial to brands, in reality, the implementation has its challenges. In o... More

Hulu Promises Personalization ‘Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before’ for Viewers, Advertisers with Live TV Launch (The Drum)

Ahead of the much anticipated launch of its Live TV service, Hulu will launch unprecedented levels of personalization for viewers, and it’s a level of service it hopes to extend ... More

The Future of Online Advertising is Big Data, Algorithms (The Conversation)

The challenge facing advertisers and advertising professionals is remaining relevant in the face of a fundamental technological change. Namely, algorithms and big data. The comb... More

Study: M-Commerce Will Dominate E-Comm This Year (Twice)

Mobile commerce will dominate e-commerce for the first time this year, according to a study from eMarketer, with most e-comm purchases coming from a smartphone. According to eMarke... More

You Might Soon Be Able to Buy Luxury Products via WhatsApp (Bloomberg)

Online luxury retailer Yoox Net-a-Porter said it’s developing technology that will allow well-to-do customers to buy products directly through WhatsApp as the e-commerce market f... More

How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit E-Commerce Businesses (Forbes)

While “artificial” tends to imply something negative or dehumanized, Artificial Intelligence actually allows sales people to provide a more personalized experience for their cu... More

NBCUniversal Makes $1 Billion Commitment to Data-Enabled Ads in Upfronts (VideoNuze)

Showing growing confidence in its ability to deliver more precise ads for clients, NBCUniversal announced this morning that it is committing $1 billion of ad inventory in advance o... More

Beyond Revenue, Publishers Use Header Bidding to Prioritize Advertisers (Digiday)

As it turns out, there’s more than one way to use header bidding. Header bidding gets a lot of publicity for its ability to increase revenue for publishers. But a less-heralded a... More

Pandora to Bring Dynamic Creative to Audio Ads (AdExchanger)

Pandora’s audio ads are about to get personal. The streaming giant partnered with UK-based dynamic audio creative vendor A Million Ads on Thursday to bring tailored creative and ... More

TV Advertising Embraces Data and Everyone Benefits (MediaVillage)

In 2016 the epitaph of TV advertising was written for roughly the tenth consecutive year. It contained all the standard talking points: lack of precision targeting, cost inefficien... More

When it Comes to Music Marketing, Data is Power (Forbes)

Some say digital changes like streaming and illegal downloads have made it impossible for artists and labels to make money, especially if they’re independent. Others, such as Gol... More


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