AWS, Periscope Data Collaborate to Streamline, Simplify Analytics Workflow (SCN)

Periscope Data today announced an expansion of its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help streamline the analytics workflows of data teams. Periscope Data will now be... More

How Mobile Phones Are Giving Hollywood a Better Understanding of Its Audiences (Variety)

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SAS COO Reflects on Staying Power of Analytics (Forbes)

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PwC Testing a Blockchain Analytics Tool for Tracking the Global Footprint of ICO Tokens (SCMP)

PwC is testing a blockchain analytics tool to help trace digital tokens after their launch, helping companies to guard against the risk their tokens will be misused as a medium for... More

Spotify Launches Tool for Crowdsourcing Song, Album Data (Billboard)

Music streaming has a vexing data problem, but Spotify believes it has a way to help fill in some of those info gaps across its 30 million songs. On Monday, the company released a ... More

SAP Expands User Experience Across All-Analytics Platform (SCN)

SAP announced the SAP Analytics Cloud solution is now certified by the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS), empowering self-service users to easily build IBCS-com... More

Cisco and TIM: Together to Accelerate Italy’s Digitization (MESA)

Cisco and TIM, the leading service provider in Italy, announced a major agreement aimed at accelerating Italy’s digitization at Mobile World Congress. The two companies are engag... More

Cisco, Telenor Group to Collaborate on IoT, Smart Cities, Security, Data Analytics (SCN)

Telenor Group and Cisco announced they have signed a Joint Purpose Agreement (JPA) to collaborate on enhancing end customer experiences with data analysis, IoT, Smart City, and sec... More

5 Ways Big Data and Analytics Will Impact E-Commerce in 2018 (Dataconomy)

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MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor Discusses Innovation Across Industries (Mobile ID World)

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Smarter Digital Transformation: 7 Trends to Watch (CMS Wire)

1. Contextual Targeting - The methods by which businesses harness data to target customers and to understand (and ideally improve) the customer experience are expanding. Analytics ... More

Teradata Honored for Data Management Solutions for Analytics (SCN)

Teradata has again been positioned in the Gartner, Inc. 2018 Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics1 issued February 13, 2018, by Gartner analysts Adam M. Ronth... More

Microsoft, SAP, Oracle Join Cloud-Industry Obsession Over New Performance Metric (Forbes)

The clearest and most-unequivocal proof that the enterprise-cloud business has grown up and is fully ready for industrial-strength deployments is the recent pledges from top execut... More

AI, Big Data are Meshing – and Disrupting (Datanami)

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Snapchat Opening Up Its Marketing Platform to All Ad-Tech Players, Agencies (Adweek)

Snapchat expanded its Marketing API program today so that any tech vendor, agency or brands can plug into the app to purchase, run and track ad campaigns programmatically. Up until... More

4 Data Analytics Trends That Will Dominate 2018 (CIO)

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IBM Simplifies Analytics Pricing (ZDNet)

IBM is the latest to catch the bug for refactoring the bundling of its analytic platforms into three broad bundles covering database; data governance and integration; and data scie... More

IBM: Increased Use of AI Expected to Be Among Top Streaming Video Trends of 2018 (SCN)

Many streaming video companies have been looking to artificial intelligence (AI) as one way to address the changing needs of their audiences, and that is a trend expected to contin... More

At SAP, Machine Learning is Imperative for Content Marketing Personalization (eMarketer)

David Jonker, SAP: "We’re aiming to personalize customer engagement through content. We’re at an early phase of the project. Visitors don’t see it in action just yet, but the... More

YouTube is Adding Real-Time Targeting to Boost Super Bowl TV Ad Campaigns (Adweek)

YouTube is expanding its Super Bowl playbook this year. For its 11th annual AdBlitz, its hub of Super Bowl-related content where brands advertising with Google can post their spots... More