Netflix is Making a Big Bet on Anime to Attract Even More Subscribers (Fortune)

Netflix is planning to spend approximately $8 billion on programming next year, and anime is set to play a big role in the company’s plans. Netflix has 30 different anime project... More

Researchers Use AI to Banish Choppy Streaming Videos (Engadget)

Nobody likes it when their binge watching is disrupted by a buffering video. While streaming sites like Netflix have offered workarounds for connectivity problems (including offlin... More

Streaming Service VidAngel Declares Bankruptcy after Losing Legal Battles with Studios (TechCrunch)

VidAngel, a streaming service that altered copyrighted works to edit out adult language, nudity and violence, has declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the company announced on Wednesday... More

Nicolas Winding Refn Unveils New Streaming Platform byNWR (Variety)

Director Nicolas Winding Refn on Monday announced an ambitious new online project at the Lumière Film Festival in Lyon that will showcase restored films and other content with the... More

HBO CEO: ‘Global’ OTT Platform Will be Ready in 2018 (MediaPost)

HBO CEO Richard Plepler said on Monday that the premium video service will have “one global platform” for its over-the-top streaming services ready to launch sometime next year... More

Facebook Looks to Emerging Markets for Streaming Rights to Sports (Digiday)

Facebook isn’t ready to make a high-profile bid for major sports like basketball, football or soccer in established markets, but it’s eyeing up rights in emerging markets. O... More

Hulu Drops Ad-Supported Plan Price (HMM)

Seeking to capitalize on Netflix’s pending price hike, Hulu has quietly cut the price of its ad-supported plan 25% to $5.99 monthly from $7.99. The introductory price includes a ... More

Disney, Fox Join Forces with Other Studios for New Download Service (Bloomberg)

Several major Hollywood movie studios have signed up to a new digital film service led by Walt Disney Co. that lets consumers buy movies and store them in a digital locker to acces... More

Disney’s Big Bet on Streaming Relies on Little-Known Tech Company (NY Times)

BamTech grew out of Major League Baseball Advanced Media, or Bam for short, which was founded in 2000 as a way to help teams create websites. By 2002, Bam was experimenting with st... More

YouTube Grows Up: Inside the Plan to Take on Netflix and Hulu (THR)

With a veteran television exec, talent like Demi Lovato and Google's $86 billion in cash, the platform known for skateboarding videos and tween vloggers wants to join the battle to... More

What the ’30 Rock’ Move from Netflix to Hulu Can Tell Us About the Future of Streaming (Vox)

On some level, this cycle simply reflects the ongoing theme of what could be called “phase two” of the streaming revolution; as studios and networks realize just how much more ... More

Microsoft to Shutter its Music Store, Streaming Service, Move Users to Spotify (TechCrunch)

Microsoft today announced it will soon shutter both its Groove Music Pass streaming service and the ability to purchase songs and albums in the Windows Store. Given how competitors... More

HBO Nordic, Turner Team on Kids Streaming Service Toonix (THR)

Scandinavian premium TV streaming service HBO Nordic and Turner, both part of Time Warner, are joining forces to launch a new kids streaming service called Toonix. Created by Turn... More

Imagine Downloading Half a Million One-Hour Shows, in HD, from Netflix (Signiant Blog)

Sounds like a lot, right? But this is equivalent to the amount of data our Media Shuttle customers now send and share – every month. And it is worth bearing in mind that all t... More

Binge Viewing Popular on Hulu (MediaPost)

Binge viewing remains a major factor among subscription video-on-demand services. Hulu says 60% of its viewers watch multiple episodes of a series in one sitting. Some 32% prefe... More

OTT TV, Film Revs Rocketing to Reach $83B Over Next Five Years (Rapid TV News)

A study from Digital TV Research is forecasting that online TV episode and movie revenues for the leading 138 countries will reach $83 billion in 2022, more than double the $37 bil... More

Is OTT a Broadcast or Digital Buy? (MediaPost)

The transformation of TV is happening faster than many anticipated. OTT viewing is growing exponentially. It’s now the dominant platform for premium video viewing. While advertis... More

Apple Music’s Long Game: Why Jimmy Iovine Thinks They’re ‘Not Even Close’ to Success with Streaming (Billboard)

Apple Music tells Billboard that it now counts well over 30 million ­paying ­subscribers, helping fuel a 17 percent revenue jump for the U.S. recorded-music business in the first... More

HBO’s Richard Plepler on OTT Strategy: ‘We Were More Right than We Imagined’ (Deadline)

Speaking in an Advertising Week session, HBO CEO Richard Plepler framed the network’s stand-alone OTT strategy as an unalloyed success. “We put the lie to the idea that the pie... More

Google Play Seems to be Following Apple to $20 4K Movies (TechCrunch)

As part of its iPhone unveil earlier this month, Apple also announced a new 4K Apple TV and topped it all off with $20 price tags for 4K HDR titles. In fact, Apple promised to auto... More