Snapchat Launches Augmented Reality Developer Platform (TechCrunch)

Snapchat is finally opening up so outside developers can help it offer infinite augmented reality experiences beyond those it designs in-house. Today, Snap launches the Lens Studio... More

Veritone Announces General Availability of AI Developer Application (MESA)

Veritone announced the general availability of its Veritone Developer application. The application empowers developers of cognitive engines, applications and application programmin... More

Redbox Launches Digital Service (HMM)

Redbox is going digital again. The kiosk company Dec. 13 rolled out Redbox on Demand in public beta. The service, which CEO Galen Smith said complements its existing physical di... More

NBA Inks Twitch Pact to Live-Stream Minor League Games with Fan-Interaction Features (Variety)

Twitch is the latest tech company to make a sports play: The Amazon-owned video service, which specializes in video-game broadcasts, has reached a deal with the NBA to stream up to... More

Adobe Lightroom’s Auto Setting is Now Powered By AI (TechCrunch)

Adobe launched an update to its suite of Lightroom photo management apps today that, among other things, brings a new machine learning-powered auto setting to the service. The new ... More

IBM’s New Power9-Based AI Hardware Said to Be ‘Performance Beast’ (DCK)

Companies running AI applications often need as much computing muscle as researchers who use supercomputers do. IBM’s latest system is aimed at both audiences. The company las... More

5 Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2018 (Forbes)

In the original Blade Runner—set in 2019—technologists had already developed replicant humans and flying cars. Although I’m doubtful we’ll hit that mark in real life, I’d... More

2018: AI Gets Smarter, More Practical (DXC Technology Blog)

We all know AI is coming to the forefront of technology in the form of machine learning (ML) and deep neural networks, where AI can understand the surroundings and apply that infor... More

IBM Develops Preprocessing Block, Makes Machine Learning Faster Tenfold (CoinTelegraph)

IBM research laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland has developed a new generic preprocessing building block that could make the speed by which machine learning algorithms can absorb ne... More

The Next Great Design Challenge: Make AI Comprehensible To Humans (Co.Design)

We hear all the time about AI’s massive promise: everything from sifting through data to find new drugs to making it possible to diagnose cancer at the tap of a button. But it’... More

‘Artificial Intelligence’ is Marketing Word of the Year (InsideRadio)

The marketing word of the year, according to the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) has something a bit, well, artificial about it. The ANA asked its members to choose 2017... More

Intelligent Agents, Blended AI Factor Into a ‘Year of Reckoning’ (CMO)

Despite a vibrant economy, individual companies will confront unceasing changes in technology and inflated consumer expectations. That’s why Forrester Research is calling 2018 a ... More

Gracenote Delivers Automated TV Channel Monitoring, Reporting Solution to Broadcasters with TV Street Maps 2.0 (MESA)

Gracenote today launched its next-generation TV distribution monitoring and reporting solution developed specifically for the India TV market called TV Street Maps 2.0. The latest ... More

Adobe’s Awesome New Selection Tool Brings AI to Photoshop (Co.Design)

You’ve seen Adobe’s latest crazy technology demos. This fall the company gave users a sneak peek at these reality-shattering tools, which may eventually show up in Adobe produc... More

IBM’s Now Serving Chips for AI (TechWire Asia)

Instances of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), or deep learning are appearing across all sorts of enterprise service offerings. While there’s a certain amount ... More

Artificial Intelligence Still Isn’t a Game Changer (Bloomberg View)

Not much time passes these days between so-called major advancements in artificial intelligence. Yet researchers are not much closer than they were decades ago to the big goal: act... More

Amazon Brings Alexa Voice-Command Technology to the Workplace (Bloomberg) Inc. announced new voice-activated tools for the workplace, hoping that verbal commands -- “Alexa, print my spreadsheet” -- will handle common office tasks. Alexa... More

Publishers See Traction in Branded Podcasts (Digiday)

Branded content renewals are generally a tough sell, with renewal rates historically hovering below 40 percent. But branded podcasts appear to be bucking that trend, as advertisers... More

You.i TV Announces Release of You.i Engine One 4.6, Featuring Remote Asset Management (MESA)

You.i TV today announced a new version of its You.i Engine One platform that includes remote asset management and other features that can spur faster, better and more monetizable v... More

Adobe Previews New Photoshop Feature That Uses AI to Select Subjects (TechCrunch)

While Photoshop users have gotten pretty damn good at masking humans and other subjects over the years, it still remains one of the most tedious tasks in the app. But the days of M... More