Sony DADC Moves Into Game Peripherals with dreamGEAR (MESA)

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AI Is Taking Over the Cloud (MIT Tech Review)

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IBC 2017: Irdeto to Showcase 360 Security Suite (MESA)

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The Key to AI’s Future: One Startup’s Quest for Collaboration (Forbes)

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HCL Launches AI–Powered Process Transformation Platform, Consulting Offerings (MESA)

HCL has recently launched ‘Cognitive Orchestrated Process Autonomics (COPA)’ Platform for enterprise–wide process revamp and ‘Transformation through Autonomics & Orchestrat... More

OpenText Brings AI-Powered Search to eDOCS (Open Text Blog)

Open Text is bringing OpenText Decisiv Search to OpenText eDOCS as its default search engine. OpenText Decisiv Search takes the reach and depth of AI-enhanced search even further. ... More

The Biggest ‘Call of Duty’ Tournament Shines Light on Growth of eSports (TechCrunch)

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Adobe, Acxiom Team Up to Connect the Passenger Experience at Heathrow Airport (AdExchanger)

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Report: Global VR Market to Generate Revenue in Excess of $60 Billion in 2022 (The Drum)

Virtual reality (VR) technology looks set to gain widespread adoption over the next five years, reaching an installed base of 256 million users worldwide with revenues of over $60b... More

Director Doug Liman Discusses VR Storytelling (Digital Trends)

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VR to Usher in an Era of Interactive, Immersive Content (Rapid TV News)

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Microsoft Powers a DJ’s Live Show with a Surface Book and Kinects (Engadget)

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Tim Cook: The iPhone Will Become ‘Even More Essential’ with Augmented Reality (CNBC)

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