Avid Unveils Video-Over-IP Interface for Connectivity (HITS)

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Three Predictions for AI in 2018 (MCN)

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Building AI That Can Build AI (NY Times)

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Cisco Announces $1 Billion Program for Smart Cities (HITS)

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Enterprises Must Disrupt or Die (DXC Technology Blog)

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Why Now is the Best Time for All-Flash File Storage (Qumulo Blog)

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Five Technologies that Will Rock Your World (NY Times)

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Maroon 5: Powered by Pro Tools & Cloud Collaboration (HITS)

Grammy-winning band Maroon 5 relies on several Avid tools to make their distinct sound. Recently, Avid caught up with the band as they wrapped up their new album, “Red Pill Blues... More

7 Trends Driving Enterprise IT Transformation In 2018 (Information Age)

2. Security goes underground Security will undertake a step change in 2018, and become embedded into the platform, supporting everything a business does. We’re talking end-to-end... More

IBM Outlines 50 Qubit Quantum Computing Prototype (ZDNet)

IBM said it is advancing on its efforts to commercialize quantum computing with a 50 qubit processor prototype and online access to 20 qubit processors by the end of 2017. The c... More

Blockchain’s Explosive Growth Pushes Job Skills Demand to No. 2 Spot (CW)

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IBM’s New Tech Could Make Computers 200 Times Faster (Futurism)

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Capgemini, LinkedIn Release New Report on the Digital Talent Gap (HITS)

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IBM Develops a Design Class for Non-Designers (Fast Company)

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