IBM Opens European X-Force Command Center in Poland (HITS)

IBM Security today announced the official opening of its modernized European IBM X-Force Command Center based in Poland. The center has new cognitive capabilities, including IBM Wa... More

Key Challenges Companies Face with Big Data Security (SDC)

Big data security seems to gain more attention with each passing year. In fact, the World Quality Report of 2015-2016 claims that security is the number one priority, and concern, ... More

Protecting Your Organization from Ransomware (Avanade Insights)

Ransomware has been making big news in the last week. The cruel reality of the global ransomware attack that crippled computer systems in 150 countries is that the attackers took ... More

Trump Signs Long-Delayed Executive Order on Cybersecurity (TechCrunch)

President Trump signed a executive order today commanding a review of the United States’ cybersecurity capabilities. Trump was initially set to sign the order shortly after his i... More

Time to Cast a Spotlight on Shadow IT (Avanade Insights)

The debate rages on the increase in Shadow IT – being IT services procured by the line of business directly from the as-a-service provider. I would suggest that the main concern ... More

6 Signs Enterprise Security is Getting Better (InfoWorld)

Identity is becoming the security boundary - For decades, the security boundary was the network perimeter or firewall. Then it morphed to each individual computing device or host. ... More

Report: Young Adults Drawn to Life of Cyber Crime (PCMag)

Technologically-savvy young adults are drawn to hacking by the perceived glories of cybercrime, according to a new report from the UK's National Crime Agency. Based on discussio... More

Majority of People are Still Confused About Cybersecurity (ARC)

Pop quiz! Do you know what a botnet is? Can you spot a “phishing” attack? Is there a difference between a URL that begins with https:// as opposed to http://? Can Internet Serv... More

NSS Labs Announces Web Application Firewall Group Test Results (HITS)

NSS Labs today announced the results of its second Web Application Firewall (WAF) Group Test. A growing segment of the security market, WAFs employ a wide range of functions to wor... More

How to Build Systems that are Resilient Against Attack (Independent Security Evaluators Blog)

It is almost a daily occurrence in today’s society to read a news story about a major company or government entity becoming the next victim of a cyber attack. The security indust... More

When You Move to the Cloud, Don’t Fall Asleep on Cybersecurity: A 6-Part Checklist from IBM (TechRepublic)

After years of enterprises fearing the cloud because of security, we're now at risk for the opposite problem—companies relying too heavily on their cloud providers to look after ... More

Yahoo Breach Lessons IT Can’t Ignore (InfoWorld)

As more details emerge about how a group of four Russians breached Yahoo, it's increasingly clear that the Internet's very interconnectedness is what makes us so vulnerable to onli... More

Cybersecurity Must Go Beyond Passwords (ET)

If indeed we are operating in a "digital economy," standard security measures such as passwords are no longer sufficient to shield the underlying IT infrastructure from sophisticat... More

How to Drive Productivity Without Compromising Cybersecurity (Forbes)

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing industries, and it’s easy to see why when you recognize the current value of information. IT security spending eclipsed $75 billion in... More

Workplace Wearables Raise New Privacy Dilemmas for Staff, Firms (ReadWrite)

With the proliferation of wearable technology, companies are increasingly finding motivation to encourage staff to don connected devices. But on IDG’s CIO site tech writer Gary E... More

IBM, HCL to Drive Growth and Innovation in Application Security Space (Security Intelligence)

Application security is a critical component for enterprises to have a robust security posture that functions like an immune system, detecting and preventing threats wherever they ... More

Okta Sets Up Trio of Security Deals (CRN)

Identity management vendor Okta has expanded its reach in Australia and New Zealand with three new partnerships. The US-headquartered company has signed agreements with MOQdigital,... More

How Livestreaming Video Threatens the Enterprise (CIO)

When Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver Antonio Brown broadcast his coach’s postgame locker room speech on Facebook Live last month it created a distraction and senseless contr... More

Why 2017 Will be the Worst Year Ever for Security (CIO)

Data breaches are expensive—and there’s more to the bill than the immediate costs of notifying the victims and hiring consultants and forensics investigators to find and fix th... More

How We Handle Security at Slack (SlackHQ)

Geoff Belknap, Slack’s Chief Security Officer: "Our security program is something I’m really proud of. Our team is made up of some of the most innovative and dedicated security... More


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