Report: 57% of Businesses Can’t Find Enough IT Security Pros (TechRepublic)

Corporate security demands are outpacing talent availability, according to a report released Wednesday by Osterman Research and Trustwave. More than half of businesses say finding ... More

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Details Global Security Operations Center Maturity Levels in New Report (eWeek)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) released its State of Security Operations Report 2017 on Jan. 17, providing insights into what Security Operation Centers (SOCs) are doing right an... More

Microsoft Azure Enhances Data Security, Compliance for Baker Hill (HITS)

Baker Hill now delivers enhanced data security, scalability and compliance support for financial institutions through Microsoft Azure. “Cloud-based solutions continue to gain mom... More

Security Major Investment for 2017 (MediaPost)

Marketing budgets increased in 2016 for the third consecutive year, per Gartner’s 2016-2017 CMO Spend Survey -- climbing 1% to 12% of company revenue, according to the poll of 30... More

How Spotify Changed Password Sharing and How the Cloud Enables It (Cloud Tech News)

Spotify — unlike Netflix, HBO, and dozens of others — handles the problem in a unique way that offers valuable features to users. The music streaming service uses real-time tec... More

Accenture to Acquire French Security Company Arismore (HITS)

Accenture has entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire Arismore, a privately held company in France that specializes in providing security services, including identity and ac... More

NSS Labs Expands Research Offerings with New Breach Prevention System Test (HITS)

NSS Labs released a new technology overview and a "Call-to-Test" for Breach Prevention Systems. Breach Detection Systems (BDS) have been deployed to provide enhanced detection of a... More

Why AI Needs Security – and Vice Versa (VentureBeat)

The next stage of evolution for AI is democratization. That means making it available to businesses of all sizes, and not just to companies like Microsoft, Google or Apple. The opp... More

IBM Amps Up Watson Cybersecurity Experiences (CIO)

Watson has recruited enterprises from auto, banking and insurance realms to help research and develop new security applications that will use the systems natural language and machi... More

IBM Warns of Rising VoIP Cyberattacks (CSO)

Cyber-attacks using the VoIP protocol Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) have been growing this year accounting for over 51% of the security event activity analyzed in the last 12 m... More

How AI Will Transform Cybersecurity (VentureBeat)

Securing your digital assets is a clear need for any business and individual, whether you are looking to protect your personal photos, your company’s intellectual property, your ... More

NSS Labs Expands Research Offerings with New Virtual Firewall Test (HITS)

NSS Labs released a new test methodology for virtual firewalls. Firewalls have undergone several stages of development, from early packet filtering and circuit relay firewalls to a... More

IT Pros Losing Steam Against Cybercrime (ITProPortal)

Organisations are losing the war against cybercriminals, and their cybersecurity efforts are slowly waning. This is according to a new report by Resilient (an IBM company) and the ... More

NSS Labs Predicts 75% of Web Traffic Will be Encrypted by 2019 (HITS)

NSS Labs released new research examining the usage of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. SSL/TLS enables secure transmissions of private data ... More

PwC Study Finds Greater Trust In Cloud, More Security Spend (Dark Reading)

A new global study shows a rise in security spending and in privacy and security awareness training programs. The 2017 Global State of Information Security Survey, conducted by PwC... More

Let’s Get Serious about IoT Security (CIO)

No one doubts anymore that internet of things (IoT) devices pose a huge security threat, as a recent massive IoT-fueled DDoS attack made clear. But what many enterprises have yet t... More

What CIOs Need to Know About Open Source Forking (CIO)

Picture this: Your company is ticking along nicely, making use of a reliable and well-engineered piece of software to support some important business process, when suddenly it beco... More

Expert System’s Cogito Risk Watcher Selected by KMWorld as a Trend-Setting Product of 2016 (HITS)

Expert System announced that KMWorld has selected the company's Cogito Risk Watcher as a Trend-Setting Product of 2016 and is among the products being featured in the September 201... More

Capgemini Launches a New Generation of Multi-Tenant Managed Security Operations Center Services (DataQuest)

Capgemini has announced the launch of a new generation of Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) services, housed in India, in collaboration with IBM Security. Organizations are ... More

6 Reasons Hackathons Are Good For IT (InformationWeek)

Companies have a variety of options for building camaraderie. And while lavish parties or paintball outings may suit some organizations, IT groups should give serious consideration... More


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