HITS Exclusives

Deluxe Exec: Innovations in AI Technology to Cause Paradigm Shift in M&E Sector

Innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) will cause a paradigm shift in the media and entertainment (M&E) sector, greatly augmenting content localization and distribution pr... More

HGST: Huge Size of Today’s Data is Creating More Challenges Than Ever

The tremendous size of much of the data that media and entertainment (M&E) companies are regularly using these days is making it necessary for many of them to change the econom... More

CDSA Content Protection Summit Tech Showcases in Review

CDSA's Content Protection Summit featured a series of exclusive, breakout workshops, providing attendees with expert insights into new security technologies and processes. These... More

College Football Playoff Taps Wazee for File Transfer Services

Just in time for the final games of the year, the College Football Playoff has tapped Wazee Digital and its Media Hub service to replace its file transfer protocol (FTP) site, offe... More

Sony Exec: New Media Solutions Division to Take Advantage of Soaring Cloud Acceptance

NEW YORK — Sony has created a new Media Solutions Division within its Professional Solutions Americas (PSA) group to better meet demands for cloud services and take advantage of ... More

Putting Out the Fire of Content Security

The recent CDSA Content Protection Summit was memorable for more than just the tragic fires spreading throughout the Los Angeles area that morning. From a programming standpoint, h... More

Content Protection Summit: Avid, Azure Tout Benefits of Secure Content Workflows in the Cloud

There’s a wide range of benefits to shifting editorial and other creative workloads to the cloud, including enhanced security, according to Avid and Microsoft Azure. Editorial... More

Content Protection Expert Stresses IoT Vulnerabilities at CPS

Spencer Stephens, the former, longtime CTO of Sony Pictures Entertainment and founder of cybersecurity consulting firm Spencer.Media, wishes everyone involved in the IoT (Internet ... More

Watermarking, Cloud Security in Focus at Content Protection Summit

Following the mainstage presentations at the day-long Dec. 6, CDSA Content Protection Summit (CPS) in Marina del Rey, Calif., the more than 300 industry leaders expected in attenda... More

Cognizant President: Company’s Shift to Digital Services Continues to Yield Dividends

Cognizant’s ongoing shift of its business to more digital services continues to pay off for it, and we can expect an increasing percentage of its total revenue to come from digit... More

Taksati Consulting: Implementing Cybersecurity as a Business Enabler

Boutique cybersecurity consulting firm Taksati was founded a simple yet crucial premise: no two companies have the same security needs, and media and entertainment companies are be... More

WiTH Event to Run with Dec. 6 Content Protection Summit in L.A.

The Dec. 6 Content Protection Summit (CPS) being held at the Marina del Rey Marriott will also see the next Women in Technology: Hollywood (WiTH) workshop, this time with the theme... More

M&E Journal: Innovation at 200 Miles per Hour

By Jason Brahms, CEO, Video Gorillas - Video Gorillas founder Alex Zhukov has been an avid skydiver for years. He’s made more than 700 jumps and competed around the world. Th... More

Rogers Media to Tackle DRM, Content Protection in Nov. 15 Webinar

Digital rights management (DRM) has long been employed to protect studio content, but using DRM to protect the live streams of sports and other live events is a different beast alt... More

Keynote Speakers Announced for Dec. 6 Content Protection Summit

When industry leaders from major studios, networks and the content protection community gather Dec. 6 at the Marina del Rey Marriott in Los Angeles for the eighth annual CDSA Conte... More

LiveTiles CEO: Empowering End Users in the Digital Workplace

In just a short couple of years, New York-based LiveTiles has grown from a small start-up to a global software tech power, with the company’s offerings being employed by huge bra... More

Ooyala: The Importance of Providing Transparency Via Analytics

Getting content online isn't the big problem for content companies anymore. Rather, it’s making sure they’re getting the most bang for their buck — monetizing their catalogue... More

Technicolor’s Woods Describes How Streaming is Driving Surging Volume of Content Production

Today’s television landscape has never been richer, as the sheer volume of shows – many created exclusively for streaming media providers – creates a conundrum of choice for ... More

HITS Fall: Premiere Digital Founder Looks to Reduce Your Errors

When it comes to errors regarding your content avails, you’d think the problems would be mostly isolated with your deep library. You’d think wrong, according to Erik Anderson, ... More

HITS Fall: Hollywood Must Digitize to Survive, Cast & Crew’s Aubuchon Says

Every business, regardless of industry, is becoming a digital business, so each company must digitize to survive … and Hollywood is no different, according to Guillaume Aubuchon,... More