HITS Exclusives

Oracle to ‘Significantly Expand’ Cloud Infrastructure Footprint

Oracle used its annual CloudWorld conference in New York Feb. 12 to announce the planned expansion of its current regional cloud infrastructure footprint, demonstrate advancements ... More

M&E Journal: DVR in the OTT World: A Case for Updated Storage Requirements

By Jason Friedlander, Director, Marketing Communications, Verizon Digital Media Services - Thanks to the Supreme Court’s refusal in 2009 to hear the Cablevision remote DVR ca... More

IBM Exec: Watson Captioning Leverages AI to Automate Closed Captioning Process

IBM is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the closed captioning process as part of its latest offering, Watson Captioning, according to David Kulczar, senior offer... More

M&E Journal: 2017 IT Hiring Environment Was Bright for Job Seekers … and 2018 Should Be Great Too

By Paul Flaharty, Regional VP, Los Angeles, Robert Half Technology - There was good news for tech professionals who planned a career move in 2017: The general IT hiring market ... More

Azure: ‘Rapidly Evolving’ Security Threats Among ‘Key Challenges’ in Protecting Cloud Workloads

“Rapidly evolving” cybersecurity threats are among the “key challenges” that media and other organizations have today when it comes to protecting their cloud workloads, acc... More

M&E Journal: Invention and Revolution

By Robert Gekchyan, Founder and CEO, ANG Digital - Before Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the mid-1400s, all literature in Europe was created by hand, largely... More

Vistex: A Global Approach to Assets, Rights Management, and More

With more platforms, higher transaction volumes, and ever-changing consumer expectations of how content should work, there’s more money to be had for media and licensing organiza... More

M&E Journal: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Language

By Robert Holmstrom, Chief Technology Officer, BTI Studios - A number of recent trends are strongly influencing how we consume TV and films. In turn our response is influencing ... More

CES 2018: Verizon Touts Strength of Oath; IBM Details Watson Media Strategy

LAS VEGAS – Verizon used the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to tout the strength of its Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) division and the overall Oath subsidiary that ... More

CES 2018: Accenture Stresses AI, AR, VR, OTT Opportunities; Ooyala Flexes its Offerings

LAS VEGAS – Accenture used the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to stress the various opportunities media and entertainment companies have from artificial intelligence (AI), ... More

MESA Smart Content Summits Return to Both Coasts in 2018

The Media & Entertainment Services Alliances (MESA) 2018 Event Calendar kicks off in late February and early March with two back-to-back, coast-to-coast Smart Content Summits. The... More

CES 2018: Expect to See Lots of AI, AR, HDR, UHD & VR

Those attending the 2018 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), taking over Las Vegas Jan. 9-12, can expect to see lots of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality ... More

Deluxe Exec: Innovations in AI Technology to Cause Paradigm Shift in M&E Sector

Innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) will cause a paradigm shift in the media and entertainment (M&E) sector, greatly augmenting content localization and distribution pr... More

HGST: Huge Size of Today’s Data is Creating More Challenges Than Ever

The tremendous size of much of the data that media and entertainment (M&E) companies are regularly using these days is making it necessary for many of them to change the econom... More

CDSA Content Protection Summit Tech Showcases in Review

CDSA's Content Protection Summit featured a series of exclusive, breakout workshops, providing attendees with expert insights into new security technologies and processes. These... More

College Football Playoff Taps Wazee for File Transfer Services

Just in time for the final games of the year, the College Football Playoff has tapped Wazee Digital and its Media Hub service to replace its file transfer protocol (FTP) site, offe... More

Sony Exec: New Media Solutions Division to Take Advantage of Soaring Cloud Acceptance

NEW YORK — Sony has created a new Media Solutions Division within its Professional Solutions Americas (PSA) group to better meet demands for cloud services and take advantage of ... More

Putting Out the Fire of Content Security

The recent CDSA Content Protection Summit was memorable for more than just the tragic fires spreading throughout the Los Angeles area that morning. From a programming standpoint, h... More

Content Protection Summit: Avid, Azure Tout Benefits of Secure Content Workflows in the Cloud

There’s a wide range of benefits to shifting editorial and other creative workloads to the cloud, including enhanced security, according to Avid and Microsoft Azure. Editorial... More

Content Protection Expert Stresses IoT Vulnerabilities at CPS

Spencer Stephens, the former, longtime CTO of Sony Pictures Entertainment and founder of cybersecurity consulting firm Spencer.Media, wishes everyone involved in the IoT (Internet ... More