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Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager Could Help with Data Sovereignty Concerns (1redDrop)

Microsoft yesterday announced that it has added geographic routing capability to Azure Traffic Manager, which allows users to localize content specific to regions, enhances data so... More

Data Science Underlies Everything the Enterprise Now Does (IM)

Data has been king for well over a decade by now, but the way we use it is undergoing some serious change. Gone are the days of awe at pretty charts and heat maps. Gone, too, is an... More

Blockchain Could Help Artists Profit More from Their Creative Works (HBR)

Blockchain is a new technology platform, running on millions of devices and open to anyone, where not just information but anything of value — money, titles, and deeds, but also ... More

IBM Stores Data on Single Atom (Fortune)

For the first time, IBM says it successfully stored data on a single atom. The research was done at the Almaden lab in Silicon Valley, and was first published in the scientific ... More

How Blockchains Can Help to Build Trust in Supply Chains (Forbes)

Dave Lubowe, IBM and Brigid McDermott, IBM: The modern supply chain is long on data and short on trust. Historically, mistrust among organizations, including fear that information ... More

Okta Looks to Raise $100M in IPO to Invest in Growth, Acquisitions (CRN)

Okta has filed for its long-awaited IPO on Monday, looking to raise $100 million that it says it will put towards its overall growth, innovation and potentially further acquisition... More

SAS Charts its Own Road to AI and the Cloud (ZDNet)

For 40 years, SAS has been the exception to the rule that technology companies don't always make it past the stage of eating their young. As open source technology and cloud-based ... More

IBM Brings New Features to Enterprise Social Network (MESA)

IBM today announced it is bringing new capabilities to enterprise social networks for a simpler collaboration across the workforce and employee onboarding experience. The latest ve... More

Inside Slack’s Search, Learning and Intelligence Team (Several People Are Typing)

Noah Weiss, Head of SLI: One of the biggest issues employees in larger organizations face is feeling like there’s a ton of information to keep up with at work, and it’s overwhe... More

Watch AWS Shock Test its Snowball Edge Data Storage Box with Underwater Explosives (VentureBeat)

Public cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) apparently wants ample proof of the ruggedness of its Snowball Edge box, which can be used to transfer data from data... More

Data Science is a Contact Sport (CIO)

Key to success in an A.I. or IoT or data strategy is data scientist productivity. Data scientist productivity is defined as the volume of business-critical results driven through d... More

IoT Predictions for 2017 Depend on Helping Developers (Content Loop)

The 20 to 50 billion new devices coming online over the next few years — estimates vary — represent a massive opportunity for businesses, and not just technology businesses. Sm... More

Microsoft Azure, AccuWeather Launch New Online Weather Tool (HITS)

AccuWeather and Microsoft continue their strong collaboration with the release of Winter Warrior, an online challenge between two individuals to prove who had the worst winter and ... More

Digital Transformation: Time to Move Beyond ‘Human Speed’ (Data Informed)

Adam Howatson, CMO, OpenText: ‘Digital transformation’ is a popular buzzword these days that can often mean many things to many people. Simply put, it’s about using digital t... More

Boosting Productivity by Adopting New Ways of Working (ITProPortal)

Okta’s latest Businesses @ Work report reveals the apps that UK organisations are adopting to get work done. According to the data, 38.7% of Okta’s UK customers use Microsoft O... More

SAS Institute’s CIO Brings R&D Mentality to IT (Forbes)

Keith Collins, SAS: "There are two vectors for us. First, we are a software company. How do we bring our expertise in what we know about emerging technology, continuous pipeline de... More

Big Data Salaries Reaching New Heights (Information Management)

While engineers of all backgrounds continue to be in high demand, a new salary study reveals that big data engineers are especially prized. According to the Boston-based recruiting... More

Cybersecurity Must Go Beyond Passwords (ET)

If indeed we are operating in a "digital economy," standard security measures such as passwords are no longer sufficient to shield the underlying IT infrastructure from sophisticat... More

Wipro Offers Big Data as a Service (IT-Online)

Wipro is delivering analytics-based insights for specific industries with the Data Discovery Platform, its newest big data analytics-as-a-service solution. Built with IBM BigInsig... More

Companies Will Soon be Valued by Their Data Assets (Information Management)

How should Wall Street fairly value a business? Conventional assets like sales, earnings and brand recognition are routinely considered. Now Gartner is suggesting that a company’... More


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