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Making 100% Code Coverage as Easy as Flipping a Coin (Qumulo Blog)

We are obsessed with testing at Qumulo. Shipping a new version of a distributed, scale-out file system every two weeks means we have to be confident that every commit to our codeb... More

Adobe, Acxiom Team Up to Connect the Passenger Experience at Heathrow Airport (AdExchanger)

Every year, 75 million passengers travel through Heathrow Airport, shopping, eating and engaging with services as they wait to board their flights. But despite the thousands of int... More

10 Hot Data Analytics Trends – and 5 Going Cold (CIO)

Heating up: Deep neural networks- Some of the most powerful deep learning algorithms are deep neural networks (DNNs), which are neural networks constructed from many layers (hence ... More

Capgemini, GE Collaborate to Drive the Digital Industrial Growth Through Predix (Capping IT Off)

How does a factory manager know that a particular product is no more in demand and that the company has to instantly stop manufacturing it to avoid loss of revenue? How does a sale... More

In-Memory Computing: Where Fast Data Meets Big Data (ZDNet)

Traditionally, databases and big data software have been built mirroring the realities of hardware: memory is fast, transient and expensive, disk is slow, permanent and cheap. But ... More

10 Challenges to Big Data Security and Privacy (Dataconomy)

Protecting Transaction Logs and Data - Data stored in a storage medium, such as transaction logs and other sensitive information, may have varying levels, but that’s not enough. ... More

Businesses Seek a Grail, and New Python Book from SAS Delivers (HITS)

SAS® Viya: The Python Perspective, a new book from analytics leader SAS, introduces data scientists, business analysts and developers to the Python client interface in SAS Viya. ... More

IBM Announces Record-Breaking New Data Storage Device (Futurism)

Magnetic tape drives have been around for more than six decades now. It’s commercial use has been mostly for storing data, such as tax documents and health care records, from mai... More

Metadata is a Communication Channel to the Future (Forbes)

Finding something you have stored, even if what you have stored is bits of information, is a challenge. If the content is text, you can do a text search, but if it is sound or vide... More

7 Ways AI Could Impact Infrastructure Pros (NC)

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has improved dramatically, and many industry analysts say AI will disrupt enterprise IT significantly in the near f... More

The Power of Digital Transformation in a Data-Driven World (Forbes)

Organizations that view digital transformation as mainly a technology difference from traditional transformation through business process engineering will end up missing the power ... More

Data Governance: The Unsung Hero of Network Operations (ITProPortal)

Data and data systems are the lifeblood of modern business. Innovations like cloud computing, business intelligence, analytics, and automation hold the promise of operational effic... More

Amazon Positioned to Use Data to Dominate Where it Wishes (InformationWeek)

Thinking about Amazon expanding into groceries is beside the point. What it does with Whole Foods, it could repeat across almost any sector of retail it chooses. What's more, it... More

Blockchain: IBM, London Stock Exchange Group Team Up for Securities Data Project (ZDNet)

Borsa Italiana, the Italian subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange Group, says it is using IBM Blockchain to help European SMEs access credit and link into digitising certificate ... More

The 7 Best Data Visualization Tools in 2017 (Forbes)

Big Data and the ever-growing access we have to more information is the driving force behind artificial intelligence and the wave of technological change sweeping across all indust... More

With Launch of Z, IBM Mainframe Ushers in New Era of Data Protection (Techvibes)

IBM unveiled IBM Z, which it describes as “the world’s most powerful transaction system,” capable of running 12 billion encrypted transactions per day. Z’s “breakthrou... More

How New IT Models are Changing the IT Skills Landscape, Internal IT (Forbes)

The data center is in a period of rapid IT transformation as businesses are increasingly seeking competitive advantages in this digital era. At the center of these IT transformatio... More

The ‘Data Science Arms Race’ has Begun (Barron’s)

Three major trends sweeping the asset management industry -- robo advisors, sustainable investing, and smart-beta or factor investing -- have been driven by investors' penchant for... More

A New Kind of Tech Job Emphasizes Skills, Not a College Degree (NYT)

It is unclear whether a relative handful of skills-centered initiatives can train large numbers of people and alter hiring practices broadly. But the skills-based approach has alre... More

Want to Succeed at Data-Driven Transformation? Start Slow (Information Week)

Data-driven transformation efforts often fail because companies are moving too fast or too slow. If they're racing into it, they're probably not getting the details right. If they'... More