Data & Analytics

IBM Opens Four Cognitive Data Centers as Cloud Infrastructure Demand Surges (Data Economy)

IBM has opened four data centres in the US to serve cloud hungry customers and provide access to services like IoT, blockchain, quantum computing and cognitive. The facilities a... More

Data Analytics is the Key Skill for the Modern Engineer (Dataconomy)

Many process manufacturing owner-operators in this next phase of a digital shift have engaged in technology pilots to explore options for reducing costs, meeting regulatory complia... More

Big Data Investments to Top $57B in 2017 (IM)

Global spending on big data technology is expected to surpass $57 billion this year, and will increase by at least 10 percent per year through 2020. Many firms continue to wrestle ... More

AWS Launches Redshift Spectrum (VentureBeat)

Amazon Web Services announced the launch of Redshift Spectrum, an extension of AWS’ Redshift managed data warehousing service that enables querying on data that sits inside of th... More

Salesforce Bets Big on Japan, Opens Second Data Center (HITS)

Salesforce is pushing further into Asia with a new data center. The company recently announced the opening of its second data center in Japan. The new data center will help Salesfo... More

Enhancing Virtual Reality in a Connected World (Tata Communications Blog)

After a prolonged period of inflated expectations, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are finally starting to enjoy mainstream success. Thanks to headset advances from... More

The Emergence and Future of the Data Engineer (Pivotal Blog)

The future of data engineering is bright as corporations continue to invest in hybrid data architectures that span on-premises and the cloud for competitive advantage. Next-generat... More

Teradata Analytics Guru: One Algorithm to Rival Them All? (CW)

Yasmeen Ahmad, Teradata: This is just the beginning for machine learning in business. Today, there is still a lot of effort for the human in creating and feeding algorithms to oper... More

Bringing Streaming Video to 270 Million Soccer Players (IBM’s Thoughts on Cloud)

Broadcasting live video of games isn’t just for professional athletes anymore. Thanks to online streaming platform Footters, which has adopted IBM Cloud Video for on-demand video... More

How SAS, Cisco are Doubling Down on IoT (Triangle Business Journal)

Nine months after expanding their partnership, two Triangle tech titans are seeing results. Cisco, one of Research Triangle Park’s largest employers, and SAS Institute, which is ... More

Data-Centricity is the Basis for True Customer Experience Design (CMO)

Data and analytics, coupled with machine learning, have as much potential to impact society as the entire internet has over the past two decades. In just this year alone, global bu... More

Teradata Announces New Platforms to Meet SSD Demand (DataCenterNews)

Teradata recently announced an all-memory update to its flagship IntelliFlex platform. The IntelliFlex was initially released in 2016. The platform aims to deliver storage density ... More

SAS Launches Results-as-a-Service to Deliver Advanced Analytic Insights with No Staff, Infrastructure Required (HITS)

There's a gold mine of business insights buried beneath mountains of data. But without the expertise or technology to dig it out, these insights had been out of reach for many orga... More

Wipro Adds MicroStrategy 10 Platform to its Portfolio for Enterprise Analytics, Data Visualization Solutions (HITS)

Wipro's expertise in delivering end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions, combined with MicroStrategy’s leading enterprise analytics platform, will widen the scope and scale of... More

The Importance of Analytics in Virtual Environments (TFM)

While the industry is lit up with conversation around the race towards virtualization, the fog around first steps becomes thicker and thicker. What are the first steps towards crea... More

LinkedIn’s Influence on Microsoft Azure Cloud Hinges on Data (Fortune)

Last June, when Microsoft announced its $26.2 billion plan to buy social network provider LinkedIn, most attention focused on the rich purchase price and how Microsoft could take a... More

The Future of AI: 10 Scenarios IBM is Already Working On (TechRepublic)

Artificial intelligence has emerged as the hottest buzzword in tech‚—despite the fact that it's been around since the dawn of computing. Countless startups are now grabbing ont... More

Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager Could Help with Data Sovereignty Concerns (1redDrop)

Microsoft yesterday announced that it has added geographic routing capability to Azure Traffic Manager, which allows users to localize content specific to regions, enhances data so... More

Data Science Underlies Everything the Enterprise Now Does (IM)

Data has been king for well over a decade by now, but the way we use it is undergoing some serious change. Gone are the days of awe at pretty charts and heat maps. Gone, too, is an... More

Blockchain Could Help Artists Profit More from Their Creative Works (HBR)

Blockchain is a new technology platform, running on millions of devices and open to anyone, where not just information but anything of value — money, titles, and deeds, but also ... More


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