Data & Analytics

Wipro Offers Big Data as a Service (IT-Online)

Wipro is delivering analytics-based insights for specific industries with the Data Discovery Platform, its newest big data analytics-as-a-service solution. Built with IBM BigInsig... More

Companies Will Soon be Valued by Their Data Assets (Information Management)

How should Wall Street fairly value a business? Conventional assets like sales, earnings and brand recognition are routinely considered. Now Gartner is suggesting that a company’... More

CIO Success: Business and IT Working Together (IT Pro Portal)

As digital technologies continue to permeate everything we do, today more than ever, we are becoming a data-driven society. Data has become critical to nearly all sectors - from fi... More

Oracle Preps Developers for Java 9 Upgrade (CIO)

In preparation for the planned July release of Java 9, Oracle has released guidance for moving applications over to the forthcoming upgrade, which features big changes through modu... More

The Next Big Blue-Collar Job is Coding (Wired)

When I ask people to picture a coder, they usually imagine someone like Mark Zuckerberg: a hoodied college dropout who builds an app in a feverish 72-hour programming jag—with th... More

The Digital Revolution is Putting Supply Chain Data at Risk (ITProPortal)

Supply chains are more reliant on new digital technologies than ever before, with electronic data at the heart of every stage of the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution proces... More

Data is Driving New Skill Requirements (Information Age)

A new collection of skills and business roles are needed to manage and unlock the unprecedented amount of data being generated, as well as minimise any risks. Today’s organisatio... More

Data Science is Creating a Tidal Wave of Opportunity for Women to Get Into Executive Leadership (Recode)

We have reached the tipping point in big data. We can now access, manage and manipulate massive amounts of data with such ease that the real work has shifted to analysis and practi... More

Vizio Comments on Resolution of Federal, State Complaints Over Data Collection (Twice)

Remember when you found out your Vizio TV was spying on you? Vizio has issued the following statement regarding a resolution with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the New Je... More

SAS Sees the Next Tests For Data-Driven Problem-Solvers: Speed and Cloud (Forbes)

Among the employees in highest demand are what Paul Kent calls “analytically creative problem-solvers.” Almost every company has mounds of data, but it’s these creative probl... More

Perfecting Customer Experiences with Frictionless Personalization (Avanade Insights)

While all big brands will have people on hand who are familiar with customer experience management, there is no guarantee that they will also be well-versed in the latest tools and... More

Data Science Platforms Seen as Difference-Makers (Datanami)

How will data scientists work in the future? Based on today’s trends and a new survey by Forrester, it seems likely that much of the work that data scientists do will revolve aro... More

SAS: Big Data is Getting Bigger, but its Value? (TBJ)

A new survey out of Cary analytics giant SAS Institute shows that, while big data may be getting bigger, it’s slow in showing value. Eighty-three percent of survey respondents ca... More

Amazon Launches Cloud Directory, Purpose-Built Storage for Hierarchical Data (Tech Republic)

Amazon's new Cloud Directory product could bring additional flexibility and scalability to enterprise directories. The key value proposition of Cloud Directory is that it offers us... More

Big Data Adoption Slow, but Benefits Beginning to Show (eMarketer)

Top executives in the US appear to be optimistic about big data's value. For example, this week, Forbes reported Wal-Mart's launch of its "Data Café," an analytics hub poised to p... More

Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer Top IT Jobs (EC)

What's better than being a physician earning $200,000 a year? How about being a data scientist or a DevOps engineer? When Glassdoor released its "50 Best Jobs In America for 2017" ... More

AWS Unveils Cloud Directory for Storage of Hierarchical Data (ZDNet)

AWS has made its Cloud Directory product generally available for its US East, US West, Ireland, Singapore, and Australian datacentres, with the cloud computing giant stating that i... More

The Strategy of Speed in IT (IW)

Speed is good, but it can also be bad. Speed for the sake of speed isn’t an answer to anyone’s need any more than a specific technology is the “why” for a project opportuni... More

Why Your Business Absolutely Needs a Virtual Data Room (Entrepreneur)

A virtual data room (VDR) is simply a more secure -- though still virtual -- version of the conventional cloud storage that has been accepted and so widely used by individuals and ... More

Why You Need a Data Protection Officer (CIO)

With enforcement of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to begin on May 25, 2018, organizations that handle any personal data relating to EU resident... More


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