Oracle’s Hurd: Cloud Pulls CFOs into Business Model Revolution (Forbes)

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd said Tuesday that the benefits of cloud computing go well beyond cost savings, allowing companies to pay for innovation they can ill afford to ignore given slo... More

How Apple Will Have to Earn its Next $1 Trillion in the Cloud (TechRepublic)

Lost in the hand-wringing over Apple's iPhone 13% year-over-year slide in sales is the recognition that, in just 10 years, Apple's iOS devices have generated more than $1 trillion ... More

Oracle Marketing Cloud Taps Eyeota (HITS)

Oracle Marketing Cloud is partnering with audience data marketing firm Eyeota, adding the Melbourne-based company’s audience data across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific to ... More

Cloud-in-Context: Are You Waiting for (Cloud Benefits to) Rain? (Capping IT Off)

did your organization embark on some cloud adoption initiative recently? How did the activities (“the dances”) associated with such a move take place? Did your organization hav... More

Cloud-Based ERP Systems are Critical to Your Digital Transformation (Avanade Insights)

For all the hoopla over putting various business functions in the Cloud, most notably CRM and other front-office systems, the reality is that much of what makes digital marketing a... More

Millennials Push for Public Cloud, Innovation (CIO)

Millennials in the workplace are increasingly taking on IT decision maker (ITDM) roles, and in pursuit of improved agility, they are pushing their organizations to embrace public c... More

Amazon Web Services Expands the AWS Price List API (PW)

In December 2015, Amazon Web Services (AWS) released an AWS Price List API that provides programmatic access to pricing for thirteen AWS services. AWS has announced that the AWS Pr... More

Dell EMC CTO Envisions Rise of Smarter Hybrid Cloud Apps (ITBE)

Going into 2017, there’s a lot of debate concerning what percentage of application workloads will wind up in public clouds versus in a local data center. Public clouds are obviou... More

How Oracle’s Database Business Changes (and Doesn’t) in the Cloud (Forbes)

Chris Murphy, Oracle: When it comes to database workloads, the shift to the cloud has only barely begun. Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison recently explained how, as ... More

10 Must-Watch IaaS Cloud Trends for 2017 (Network World)

6. The uniting of private cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure - Not all the action is in the public cloud. Tectonic shifts are occurring even within the realm of on-premises in... More

Microsoft Expands Azure Blob Storage Limit Into Multi-Terabyte Range (eWeek)

Microsoft has drastically increased the maximum file size limit on Azure Blob Storage, the company's cloud-based object storage offering, from 195GB to a whopping 4.77TB. Now scien... More

MarkLogic CEO Predicts Rise of Cloud Neutrality (ITBE)

As public cloud computing platforms become a mainstream element of the enterprise, MarkLogic CEO Gary Bloom predicts IT leaders in 2017 will start focusing more on crafting multi-c... More

Big Data on the Move: What’s in Store for 2017? (Fast Mode)

Look to see more big data activity in the cloud. According to Gartner, the worldwide public cloud services market is expected to grow by 16.5% overall in 2016, with cloud applicati... More

How Spotify Changed Password Sharing and How the Cloud Enables It (Cloud Tech News)

Spotify — unlike Netflix, HBO, and dozens of others — handles the problem in a unique way that offers valuable features to users. The music streaming service uses real-time tec... More

Why the Cloud? In 2016, It Was the Lure of the New (InfoWorld)

Enterprises have all sorts of justifications for moving to the cloud: avoiding capital expense, adding scalability to applications, even cloud lust on the part of CEOs who want to ... More

Trump’s Tariff Threat May Speed Cloud Adoption (CIO)

President-elect Donald Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on goods manufactured in Mexico and offshore may accelerate the movement to cloud computing, analysts said. IT managers ma... More

The Next Wave of IT: Where Do We Go from Here? (ZDNet)

You're looking at a computing world that hides the computers. Yes, we'll have massive amounts of computational power in our pockets, and on our desks, but they'll only be a fractio... More

Storage Industry: 9 Hot Trends for 2017 (Network Computing)

Predicting even the near future of storage is a pretty complex issue right now. For anyone who hasn’t noticed, we are in the middle of a storage revolution, with more change in t... More

How Avanade is Changing the Cloud Conversation (ARN)

Cloud computing has undergone an acute shift from value-add to "business imperative" as adoption rates continue to soar within Australian enterprises, according to Avanade senior d... More

Amazon Signs $2.2B Shipping Giant into AWS Cloud (Data Economy)

Pacific shipping company Matson has put an end to its data centres in favour of moving all its critical shipping and logistics businesses to AWS. During the process of migrating it... More


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