Salesforce Report Finds IT Units Need to Focus on Customer Experience (eWeek)

Cloud computing and other technology advances have shifted IT’s role in the enterprise from a cost center to adding business value. That’s one of the conclusions from the lates... More

Should Your Next Big Hire Be a Chief AI Officer? (CIO)

As companies increasingly turn to artificial intelligence to communicate with customers, make sense of big data and find answers to vexing questions, some say it's time to think ab... More

Read All About IT: CEOs See IT as More Important Than Ever (Network World)

As IT rises up the list of business priorities, CEOs are more likely to read about new technologies than they are to ask their CIOs for information. That's one of the findings i... More

IT Certifications: How Valuable are They? (Data Center Knowledge)

There seems to be two schools of thought on the value of IT certifications. Some technology professionals say they can absolutely turbo-charge your salary and earning potential. Ot... More

Oracle’s Hurd: Answer the Questions That Really Matter to Your Business (Forbes)

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd tries to avoid broad tech industry jargon like “big data analytics.” Instead, as a CEO, he wants to hear about a real business problem and how data analysi... More

Why Data Democratization is Such a Game-Changer In Our Big Data World (DataInformed)

We’re seeing a new wave of democracy—of data, that is. IT departments and organizations are allowing more business users access to data to expedite decision making, influence s... More

The Highest-Paying Jobs in Tech in 2017 (Forbes)

One of the takeaways we see (via data from LinkedIn) is that it’s not just developers and software engineers that are earning healthy wages; the professionals working on the peri... More

Enhancing Virtual Reality in a Connected World (Tata Communications Blog)

After a prolonged period of inflated expectations, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are finally starting to enjoy mainstream success. Thanks to headset advances from... More

IBM Brings Anaconda Open Data Science Platform to Cognitive Systems (HITS)

IBM is working with Continuum Analytics to offer Anaconda, a leading Open Data Science platform, on IBM Cognitive Systems. Anaconda will also integrate with the PowerAI software d... More

Technology is Ready to Define the Future of the Workplace (Information Age)

Technology and globalisation have completely changed the workplace. In the 20th century, the workplace was a static, physical place. Employees were required to be present in that p... More

Why CIOs Who Want to ‘Grow the Business’ Must Adopt Cloud (Forbes)

Linda Currey Post, Oracle: CIOs looking to boost growth are replacing their legacy systems with ERP software that integrates the latest technologies so they can use them in their ... More

Expert System Partners with Blue Prism to Extend RPA Reach with Cognitive Computing (HITS)

The leading automation software developer Blue Prism and the text analytics and cognitive computing company Expert System have partnered to empower Robotic Process Automation (RPA)... More

Salesforce Skills in High Demand in 2017 (CIO)

Want to land a better job in 2017? If you do one thing in pursuit of that goal this year, you should add Salesforce skills to your resume. It's one of the fastest-growing, most in-... More

How IT Can Foster a Spirit of ‘Intrapreneurship’ (CIO)

Entrepreneurship is typically associated with startup companies, and the eager, driven and innovative minds that start them. But there's another type of entrepreneurship, and it li... More

Go West, Young Techies, for IT Jobs (InfoWorld)

If you want a tech job in the United States, your chances are better living in California. According to industry analyst group CompTIA in its Cyberstates 2017 report, California... More

VirtusaPolaris Appoints Anup Uppadhayay as Head of Business Delivery for its ETS Business (DataQuest)

VirtusaPolaris, the market-facing brand of the combined entity of Virtusa Corporation and Polaris Consulting & Services, Ltd., announced the appointment of Anup Uppadhayay as busi... More

Proliferation of Digital Leaders Brings Confusion, Power Struggles (CIO)

Companies are banking on digital technologies to bring them closer to their customers. But the growing spread of digital responsibilities among CIO, chief digital officer, chief in... More

Hurd Predicts Demise of Best-of-Breed Technologies (Forbes)

If nothing else, cloud technology has simplified the IT landscape, reducing the pressure on businesses to manage hundreds of different applications for myriad different purposes. ... More

Top 10 Cities for Women in Tech: Washington DC, Not Silicon Valley, is No. 1 (TechRepublic)

When it comes to gender equality in tech, all cities are not created equal. New research examined the gender pay gap, the percentage of women in tech jobs, their income after housi... More

How AI, Machine Learning Will Impact Tech Recruiting (CIO)

Artificial intelligence and machine learning already make a huge impact on the way we watch movies and television, shop, and travel, but how will these new technology advancements ... More


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