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Will 2018 Be the Tipping Point for Automation? (DXC Technology Blogs)

Technology adoption typically proceeds incrementally. As users accumulate, emerging products and services gain visibility and scale, creating more interest and demand. Eventually, ... More

7 Digital Transformation Myths (CIO)

Digital transformation has the potential to be, well, transformative; when done right, a digital transformation can enable your business to reap significant, and well-documented, b... More

DXC Technology Unveils 2018 IT Trends That Will Shape Digital Transformation (HITS)

DXC Technology today unveiled key trends that will shape enterprise technology in 2018. The six technology trends will be critical guideposts to drive enterprise disruption, agilit... More

IBM Wants to Make it Easy to Code Bots (ITPro)

IBM has developed a bot exchange to help developers create chatbots that can be easily deployed to speed up the implementation of Watson functions as part of its IBM Developer Way ... More

Shadow IT: How Today’s CIOs Grapple with Unsanctioned Tech (CIO)

One of the biggest threats to enterprises isn't a hacker halfway across the world hoping to score valuable data to sell on the black market. And it isn't a disgruntled former emplo... More

All ‘I’s’ on the CIO (CMO)

Back in the “day”—we’re talking digital time—chief information officers were masters of the IT universe. They handled all the decisions about what systems, software, and ... More

HCL Adds Real-Time Analysis to Its Design-for-Manufacturing Software (DesignNews)

HCL Technologies has released version 5.0 of its design-for-manufacturability solution, DFMPro. The new version supports the latest Creo Parametric version 4.0 and offers enhanced ... More

2018: Companies Grow Through Digital Business Extensions (DXC Technology Blog)

In 2018, companies will increasingly leverage data and other digital capabilities to create new markets, blur industry boundaries, and cross into other industries. This creates an ... More

Wipro Opening Third Office in London for Pod Services (ET Tech)

Wipro said on Wednesday it was expanding its operations in London by opening a third office in the city. "The new office near the Broadgate Circle will be in addition to our two of... More

2018: Businesses Get Stronger Through Cyber Resilience (DXC Technology Blog)

In today’s enterprise, resilience means planning and practicing for cyber attacks and other threats, because they will happen. So it’s about continuous evaluation and improveme... More

Gartner Analyst: 5 Steps to Modernizing IT Infrastructure Without the Cost (DataCenterNews)

Modernisation is key in the digital age and this can be very expensive for enterprises having to constantly upgrade their infrastructure. However, Gartner says in most cases you ca... More

12 Tips for Using DevOps to Fuel Digital Transformation (CIO)

Successful digital transformation requires internal disruption, and CIOs intent on embracing a digital future must often alter their IT operating models to get there. Nowhere is th... More

2018: Re-Platforming the Enterprise (DXC Technology Blog)

In 2018, we’re going to witness the re-platforming of the enterprise so companies can respond to market changes faster, be more productive, and make better-informed decisions. Th... More

Why Change Management is the Key to Digital Transformation (IM)

According to IDC, by the end of 2017, two-thirds of the CEOs of Global 2000 companies will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy. It’s a big job. ... More

Anatomy of an IT Strategic Plan in the Era of Digital Disruption (CIO)

IT’s role in the development and execution of business strategy has grown significantly in the era of digital transformation. But as the rate of business and technology change ha... More

Enterprises Must Disrupt or Die (DXC Technology Blog)

Technologies and ideas are disruptive when they solve simple and widespread problems in ways that have not yet been tried. Disruptive technologies and ideas also have the power to ... More

HCL Signs 5-Year IT Services Contract with Jardine Lloyd Thompson (HITS)

HCL Technologies announced a five year IT infrastructure services contract with Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group (JLT), one of the world’s leading providers of insurance, reinsurance... More

Caringo Introduces Caringo Drive for Swarm Scale-Out Hybrid Storage (HITS)

Today, Caringo announced their latest product, Caringo Drive, a virtual drive for Swarm Scale-Out Hybrid Storage, which they will demo at SC17 Booth 1001 in Denver, Colorado, Novem... More

Maroon 5: Powered by Pro Tools & Cloud Collaboration (HITS)

Grammy-winning band Maroon 5 relies on several Avid tools to make their distinct sound. Recently, Avid caught up with the band as they wrapped up their new album, “Red Pill Blues... More

MicroStrategy Connects with Turkish Airlines to Accelerate Operational Efficiencies (HITS)

MicroStrategy announced that Turkish Airlines, an award-winning global airline carrier, has successfully deployed MicroStrategy 10 for greater insight into reservation, ticketing a... More