Smart Hollywood:

Data, AI and Metadata Madness!

In an age where today’s trends become yesterday’s news and the outlook for the media industry is increasingly hard to predict, leaders are faced with a new mandate: converting uncertainty into opportunity.

Smart Content is the solution and now, in its fifth year, the Smart Content Summit is where the Hollywood community gathers for an annual knowledge share on how the new combination of audio/video and data is transforming the way our industry’s content is moved, secured, stored, distributed and experienced.

Featured Event:

  • 5th Annual Metadata Madness Luncheon: Join the metadata mavens from industry associations working with all forms of metadata in a lightning round series of initiative updates.

Case Study Updates Will Include:

  • Smart Supply Chains
  • Smart Contracts
  • Securing Smart Content
  • Smart Localization
  • Smart Content Marketing

Technology Updates Will Include:

  • Does Talent need it’s own identifier?
  • Blockchain and M&E
  • Finding a Place for AI in Production
  • Data-fying the Entertainment User Experience

Featured Panels:

  • Optimizing the Efficiency of Ops & Productions
  • More Data Means More Security
  • Smart Solutions Technology Showcase

Bonus WiTH Breakfast Workshop:

  • “Unpacking Unconscious Bias” Keynote: Kelly Watson, Managing Partner, Orange Grove Consulting

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The studios have quickly realized that in an algorithmically driven world wired to produce quality digital content all the factors of smart content must come together including the technology, process & the people factor. The annual Smart Content Summit is where IT, Operations and Production come together to build relationships and share learnings that will effect a Smarter Hollywood and a Smarter Entertainment Experience.

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