Interrupting Ransomware: Learning From Lockheed (NSS Labs)

The threat landscape is ever expanding. In the past, threats were limited to minor attacks that would cause a small amount of damage to an organization. As time has progressed, far... More

IBM Expands Global Footprint for Mobile Security and Management Via the Cloud (CDSA)

IBM has announced an expansion of its global footprint for delivering mobile security-as-a-service (MaaS) via the IBM Cloud. Through the deployment of new IBM MaaS360 services a... More

What The Press Thinks of Your Press Screener Site (MediaSilo)

So you've sent out press screeners to adoring reviewers at some of the most reputal publications you can think of--I'm talking Rolling Stone, Indie Wire, Mashable, etc. And now you... More

Sony Pictures Networks Ups the Fight on TV Piracy with Cisco (CDSA)

Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) is launching several new HD channels in the Indian market to further expand the entertainment options for its viewers. SPN has chosen Cisco Video... More

SafeStream Adds Forensic Watermarking Option to Real-Time Video Security Solution (CDSA)

Secure video sharing platform MediaSilo, provider of SafeStream, an on-demand watermarking solution that embeds user-identifiable information as a visual watermark into video files... More

Gartner: Worldwide Information Security Spending Hits Record High (CDSA)

Reacting to increasing everyday cybersecurity threats, businesses and governments will spend a record $81.6 billion on information security products and services in 2016, an 8% jum... More

Kudelski Security Expands Into U.S. Market to Address Unmet Demand for Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions (MESA)

Kudelski Security, a Swiss-based company, today at Black Hat USA, announced the launch of its U.S. presence to meet growing market demand for cybersecurity solutions and managed se... More

Cybersecurity Hampered by Over-Stretched IT, Survey Says

By Chris Tribbey IT security professionals often spend too much time trying to adhere to outside regulations, instead of working on protecting their companies against cyber thre... More

Microsoft Execs: Tough Times Demand Tough Cybersecurity Efforts

By Jeff Berman Data security breaches have become a significant issue for companies large and small, and the problem stands to only grow as more devices and applications are bei... More

CDSA Launches European Content Advisory Committee

By Chris Tribbey The Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) and the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) Europe have teamed up to launch a European Con... More

FCC Set-Top Box Proposal Given Thumbs Down at NAB Show (MESA)

By Paul Sweeting LAS VEGAS — The Federal Communications Commission’s controversial proposal to “unlock” the pay-TV set-top box to third party developers was a frequent t... More

Five Things You Should Know About Two-Factor Authentication (Info World)

One of the best pieces of security advice any computer expert can give you is to enable two-factor authentication for websites that support it. With password breaches so common now... More

New Ransomware Targets Magento Web Sites (Threat Post)

New ransomware called KimcilWare is targeting websites running the Magento ecommerce platform, used by the likes of Vizio, Olympus and Nike. According to security experts from the... More

Raising The Stakes For Application Security (Dark Reading)

What’s at stake when we talk about application security? Just the security and privacy of over two billion people. An easy way to visualize application security is that it encomp... More

Bitdefender Releases Crypto-Vaccine for Popular Ransomware Infections (ZD Net)

Bitdefender has released a free "crypto-vaccine" which protects users from multiple ransomware families infecting their systems. Ransomware, a breed of malware which infects syste... More

Cybercrime: A Black Market Price List From The Dark Web (Dark Reading)

There's no better lesson in the mechanics of a free market than watching a black market at work. And in this era of cybercrime, there may be no better observational laboratory of b... More

FBI Already Called in to Unlock Another Murder Case with an iPhone (Naked Security)

Nothing breeds success like success. In the recent FBI-versus-Apple court case (you know which one we mean), the US judiciary ordered Apple to cook up an iPhone backdoor to sid... More

U.S. Used Tactic from Apple Encryption Fight in 60 Other Phone-Unlocking Cases (The Guardian)

The US government has used the same legal tactic it deployed in its encryption fight with Apple in more than 60 other phone-unlocking cases, according to a tally by a privacy wat... More

Without Information Security Processes, You are Flying Blind (CSO)

The aim of the Security Analogies Project is to help spread the message of information security and its importance in the modern world. By drawing parallels between what people a... More

Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, April 3, 2016 (Citadel Information Group)

Important Security Updates AVG Free Edition: AVG has released version 2016.0.7538 of its 64 and 32 bit Free Edition. Updates are available on AVG’s website. Evernote: Everno... More


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