Cyber Security

ISE’s Harrington: Security Adversaries Using ‘Stepping Stone’ Attacks More Often (ITSP Magazine)

Today the modern adversary uses what's called a stepping stone attack, where they will attack a lesser sophisticated part of the chain, compromise that part to then pivot the attac... More

Hackers’ Delight: Businesses Put Selves at Risk for Invasion (USA Today)

Randell Heath isn't sure how hackers got into his company's website — all he knows is a supplier called, saying the site had become an online store selling Viagra and Cialis. ... More

NSS Labs Joins Information Technology-Information Sharing and Analysis Center (CDSA)

NSS Labs announced it has joined the Information Technology-Information Sharing and Analysis Center (IT-ISAC) as a Foundation member. IT-ISAC is an exclusive, industry-only forum c... More

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment a Critical Part of M&A Due Diligence (Network World)

As of mid-February, the plan for Verizon Communications to acquire a majority of Yahoo’s web assets is still on, despite the announcement of Yahoo having suffered two massive bre... More

Balancing Innovation, Security a Constant Fight for Box’s Cyber Head (ZDNet)

The biggest challenge facing Joel de la Garza, chief security officer for file sharing giant Box, is juggling the need to be secure with the need to allow for innovation. Speaki... More

Password Security Tips to Help You Foil Hackers (CBS News)

Details from this week’s federal indictment of Russian hackerscharged with compromising hundreds of millions of Yahoo accounts reveal that many people are still not taking rou... More

IBM, PwC Make Cybersecurity Ventures’ Top 50 Security Company List (IT Business Edge)

Cybersecurity spending is expected to reach $1 trillion over the next five years, according to the most recent Cybersecurity Ventures Cybersecurity Market Report. This has raised ... More

Embrace the Machine and Other Goals for CISOs (Dark Reading)

Depending on how you look at it, the past year was either tough for security professionals or it showed the world how complex and interesting this field really is. After all, we're... More

The Gender Gap in Cybersecurity Jobs Isn’t Getting Better (Slate)

Johanna Vazzana knew the job she’d applied for was a stretch. Vazzana, now a cybersecurity strategist working at Mitre, was interviewing early in her career for a technical c... More

Google Points to Another POS Vendor Breach (Krebs on Security)

For the second time in the past nine months, Google has inadvertently but nonetheless correctly helped to identify the source of a large credit card breach — by assigning a “Th... More

Vulnerability and Patch Report, March 19, 2017 (Citadel Information Group)

Important Security Updates Adobe Flash Player: Adobe has released version Updates are available from Adobe’s website. To see which version you have, go to Adobe... More

Dell EMC’s Mills Honored for Cybersecurity Work

Ken Mills, GM of surveillance and security for Dell EMC, has been honored by the security trade group the Security Industry Association (SIA) with its SIA Chairman’s Award, recog... More

How Can CISOs Strengthen Communications with Cybersecurity Staff? (Tech Target)

There's a lot of information available about how CISOs should communicate with their peers and superiors, but what about the cybersecurity staff that works under the CISO? How sho... More

Cybersecurity in Seven Minutes (CSM)

Knowing about cybersecurity risks isn’t the same as protecting against them. For instance, a recent survey from the Pew Research Center found that just 12 percent of America... More

Nine Cybersecurity Tips for the Mildly Paranoid, and 4 for the Truly Anxious (USA Today)

So it looks as if the CIA could potentially break into most smart phone or computer networks, at least according to the stolen documents released by WikiLeaks. Whether you hav... More

Exploring the Gap Between Cybersecurity Perception and Reality (Forbes)

Most company executives and security professionals have a reasonable understanding of cybersecurity. Even if they don’t fully understand the mechanics under the hood, they at lea... More

Nine Security Tips That Go Outside the Box (IBM Security Intelligence)

The great challenge of security is that you are not only battling Murphy’s Law — the universal tendency of things to go wrong — but also shrewd and malicious attackers who ar... More

Study: Zero-Day Exploits Develop Quickly (Threat Post)

It takes less than a month for most zero-day exploits to be developed, and about a quarter of those previously unknown and unpatched vulnerabilities will go undiscovered and undis... More

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Holding Steady (Network World)

The cybersecurity skills shortage is nothing new—I’ve been writing about it for years, as have other analysts and researchers. I’ve also done countless presentations on this ... More

Consumer Reports to Factor Cybersecurity into Reviews (CNET)

Consumer Reports says it will start including cybersecurity and privacy safeguards in its product reviews. The nonprofit, which reviews everything from cars to appliances, has w... More


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