Cyber Security

Irdeto: Adapting to Changing Content Security Needs

Founded in 1969, Netherlands-based security firm Irdeto is coming up on its 50th anniversary, and the company’s longevity can be tied to adapting to the changing needs of its cli... More

Assessing Risks, Remediating Threats With a Layered Approach to Vulnerability Management (IBM Security)

Companies need to do more than just scan for known problems and provide huge vulnerability reports to system and network administrators for remediation. According to Gartner, known... More

Why the Majority of MSPs Struggle to Find Enough Cybersecurity Pros to Hire (TechRepublic)

Two out of three managed service providers (MSPs) suffer from a shortage of qualified cybersecurity staff—leading to challenges keeping customers safe from ransomware attacks, ac... More

The Best Enterprise Anti-Virus Protection May Not Be Enough (CSO)

Traditional signature-based anti-virus is notoriously bad at stopping newer threats such as zero-day malware and ransomware, but it still has a place in the enterprise, experts say... More

Hacker Leaked New HBO Episodes this Weekend. But What’s the Real Impact? (L.A. Times)

For two weeks a hacker has leaked stolen information from pay-TV network HBO in dribs and drabs, including “Game of Thrones” plot lines, unaired episodes of “Curb Your Enthu... More

Okta’s Chris Niggel: Data Security’s Future Is Linked to Identity Management (GovConWire)

Chris Niggel, director of security and compliance at San Francisco-based identity management services provider Okta (Nasdaq: OKTA), has said government agencies seeking to protect ... More

Anomali, NSS Labs Partner to Deliver Targeted Threat Information Through Continuous Security Validation (CDSA)

Anomali, provider of market-leading threat intelligence platforms and NSS Labs, Inc., the global leader in operationalizing cybersecurity, today announced a strategic partnership t... More

How Hackers Conspire With Pirate Websites In Malware Extortion Schemes (Deadline)

Hackers have become an inescapable part of the Hollywood narrative, on and off the screen. HBO is reeling from the worst data breach since the North Koreans hacked Sony Pictures, w... More

PwC Welcomes Leading Cyber Expert to Midlands Team

PwC has welcomed a leading cyber security expert to its Midlands (U.K.) regional team to support organizations tackling the growing business risk posed by cyber threats. James H... More

Irdeto, Foxtel Welcome Conviction, Sentencing of Subscription TV Pirate (CDSA)

Foxtel Aug. 9 welcomed the sentencing of a Sydney man for his role in the selling of unauthorized access to Foxtel services. Haidar Majid Salam Al Baghdadi, 33 , was convicted ... More

Tata Communications to Hire 400 to Combat Cybercrime, Data Theft (CDSA)

Tata Communications will hire 400 people and invest $50 million in its cybersecurity services business in the next three years, as companies look to combat the rise in cybercrime a... More

How to Budget Cybersecurity Spending at Your Firm (AccountingWeb)

Businesses understand today that poor cybersecurity protocols are not just a security risk, but a financial and reputational risk which can cost firms greatly whether through a dat... More

Separation of Duties and IT Security (CSO)

Separation of duties (SoD) is a key concept of internal controls and is the most difficult and sometimes the most costly one to achieve. This objective is achieved by disseminating... More

10 Challenges to Big Data Security, Privacy (Dataconomy)

Big Data could not be described just in terms of its size. However, to generate a basic understanding, Big Data are datasets which can’t be processed in conventional database way... More

What Women in Cybersecurity Really Think About Their Careers (Dark Reading)

For once, some good news about women in the cybersecurity field: A new survey shows that despite the low number of women in the industry, many feel empowered in their jobs and cons... More

Spoiler Alert: Hackers Are Gunning for Hollywood (Variety)

The 2014 hack at Sony Pictures Entertainment was a watershed moment for the entertainment industry. This month, yet another targeted attack — this one against HBO — reminds us ... More

The Lazy Habits of Phishing Attackers (Dark Reading)

The next time a crisis communication manager states that their organization suffered from a "highly sophisticated" attack, someone may want to cross-check that with how most attack... More

The Myth of the ‘Sophisticated’ Cyber Criminal (BBC)

Among the mistakes journalists sometimes make when covering cyber-security stories is calling an attack “sophisticated” when it’s anything but. And it tends to irritate secur... More

The Rise and Rise of Cybercrime as a Service (CSO)

When cybercriminals wanted to launch cyberattacks, they once had to know how to code. No longer. Bad actors can now search among any number of underground online sites to buy or le... More

Google Study Quantifies Ransomware Profits (ThreatPost)

Over the past two years, 35 unique ransomware strains earned cybercriminals $25 million, with Locky and its many variants being the most profitable. The data comes from a study ... More