NeuLion, Rogers Media Look at DRM Content Protection Solutions

Beginning in 2014, Rogers Media began streaming live sports through its Sportsnet NOW service, offering up the NHL, MLB, NBA, the Premiere League, and more, all protected with AES-... More

Protect Creativity: Piracy is About People’s Livelihoods (NexGuard Blog)

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MPAA Lobbies Congress on Streaming Piracy Boxes (TorrentFreak)

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Irdeto Extends Security Partnership with Foxtel (HITS)

Irdeto has extended its long-standing security partnership with Foxtel, Australia’s leading pay TV operator. With Irdeto, Foxtel has a reliable and stable security partner that w... More

Russia Eyes Improved Anti-Piracy Measures … But Not for Hollywood Movies (Hollywood Reporter)

Russia's culture ministry has prepared a proposal aimed at fighting online movie piracy, but it will only concern local movies, leaving out Hollywood fare. Under the proposal, p... More

Online TV, Movie Piracy Losses to Soar to $52 Billion (Ooyala Videomind)

A new report from Digital TV Research posits that revenue losses due to piracy are expected to double between 2016 and 2022 to the tune of $51.6 billion, a significant chest of gol... More

Hollywood Screener Piracy Aided by 70,000 Mailed Award Discs (TorrentFreak)

At the end of the year movie industry insiders traditionally receive their screener copies, which they use to vote on the Oscars and other awards. As is tradition, quite a few o... More

Anatomy of the Crunchyroll Hack and a Cursory Static Analysis of Malware (ISE Blog)

If you are an anime enthusiast or just a Dragon Ball and a Yu-Gi-Oh! head, like me, you may have come across Crunchyroll (not linked since this security incident is still ongoing a... More

Keynote Speakers Announced for Dec. 6 Content Protection Summit

When industry leaders from major studios, networks and the content protection community gather Dec. 6 at the Marina del Rey Marriott in Los Angeles for the eighth annual CDSA Conte... More

Rogers Sportsnet, Sky Sports to Discuss Content Protection Strategies in Nov. 15 Webinar

It’s among the more pressing questions today for media and entertainment companies today: when looking at content protection technologies and services, should I just build my own... More

PwC Study Reveals Hollywood Has a Trust Problem (Deadline)

A spate of high-profile cyberattacks — on Sony Pictures Entertainment, HBO, Netflix and the Walt Disney Co. — have given the entertainment industry an image problem. Consume... More

IPTV Piracy Generates More Internet Traffic Than Torrents (TorrentFreak)

Increasingly, people are trading in their expensive cable subscriptions, opting to use cheaper or free Internet TV instead. This is made easy and convenient with help from a var... More

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Paying a Steep Price to Battle Piracy (Forbes)

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Tech Companies Have Spoken Out Against Using Kodi as a Piracy Scapegoat (Gizmodo)

These days Kodi, and Kodi Box are almost synonymous with streaming-based piracy - given how widespread the use of so-called Kodi boxes are. But Kodi isn't designed for piracy in mi... More

‘Walking Dead’ Season 8 Premiere: Piracy Downloads Drop 42% From Last Year (Variety)

The latest season of “The Walking Dead” has stumbled, zombie-like, to a rocky start — among both TV viewers and internet pirates. Global piracy of Sunday’s premiere of ... More

NeuLion, Sky, Rogers Media Experts to Discuss DRM Content Protection Challenges Nov. 15

It’s among the more pressing questions today for media and entertainment companies today: when looking at content protection technologies and services, should I just build my own... More

Netflix is Fine With Password Sharing, But it’s Going After Piracy Now (BGR)

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Amazon, Netflix, Studios Sue Over TickBox Streaming Device (Ars Technica)

Movie studios, Netflix, and Amazon have banded together to file a first-of-its-kind copyright lawsuit against a streaming media player called TickBox TV. The complaint (PDF), ... More

RIAA Submits List of ‘Notorious’ Sites, Calls Out Russian Counterfeiters (Billboard)

The RIAA has submitted its annual roundup of music piracy offenders to the United States Trade Representative in order to include in this year's Notorious Markets List. In a let... More

Court Holds U.S. Retailer Accountable for Promoting Piracy by Selling IPTV Streaming Devices with Unauthorized Channels (CDSA)

A bankruptcy court in Florida has ruled that Amit Bhalla, a retailer of IPTV streaming devices with unauthorized channels, cannot use a bankruptcy case to shield himself from monet... More