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Cisco, INTERPOL Collaborate to Combat Cybercrime (CDSA)

Cisco has announced an agreement to share threat intelligence as the first step in jointly fighting cybercrime. Headed by INTERPOL's global cybercrime center, the INTERPOL Glob... More

Hacker Suspected of Extorting HBO Over ‘Game of Thrones’ Script is Charged (Digital Trends)

Winter is coming for the hacker involved in one of the most publicized computer hacks of 2017. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York named Iranian citi... More

NSS Labs Selected as a 2017 Red Herring Top 100 Global Winner (CDSA)

NSS Labs  has been selected as a winner of the Red Herring Top 100 Global award. This annual award recognizes the most innovative private technology companies from Asia, Europe, a... More

Ransomware Always Tips Its Hand (ITSP Magazine)

With the large number of ransomware attacks that have surfaced in recent years, many people have mistakenly believed that it’s a new threat, and one that is impossible, or at lea... More

How an Atlanta Power Couple’s Business Heightened Hollywood, Silicon Valley Piracy Anxieties (L.A. Times)

Jeffrey and Carrla Goldstein seem to have all the makings of a power couple from a reality TV show. They host events for local religious groups at their tony mansion o... More

Smart Behaviors That Can Improve Your Cybersecurity (CNBC)

Some of the cybersecurity best practices for advisors are smart moves for consumers, too. "Don't make the mistake of thinking of [cybersecurity] as a technology thing. It's not,... More

How Military Veterans Transition To Civilian Cybersecurity (ITSP Magazine)

Given the number of ex-military folks we know who now work to defend networks, we understand that military veterans possess natural synergies that can allow them to develop into ou... More

NSS Labs Adds Bhatia as Chief Revenue Officer (MESA)

Cybersecurity guidance and research firm NSS Labs has added 20-year veteran Satendar Bhatia as its new chief revenue officer, placing him in charge of driving sales and revenue exp... More

Protect Creativity: Piracy is About People’s Livelihoods (NexGuard Blog)

The global digital revolution has unequivocally led to a rise in consumer expectations when it comes to video. They expect access to their favorite movies, TV shows and live stream... More

Companies Turn to War Games to Spot Scarce Cybersecurity Talent (Bloomberg)

A major shipping company is under attack. With help from a corrupt executive, an international hacking syndicate called Scorpius, has penetrated the computer networks of Fast Frei... More

Don’t Click That! How to Spot an Invoice Impersonation Attack (TechRepublic)

Workers are seeing a wave of phishing attacks that send victims a link to a fake invoice that appears to come from a trusted party, according to a new threat spotlight report from ... More

From Oligarchs to New Yorkers, Kroll Vet Tommy Helsby Has a Risk Management View (The Straits Times)

Mention Russian oligarch and too frequently, the mental associations are with obscenely extravagant lifestyles, offshore accounts, trophy purchases of prestigious Western assets an... More

Cisco: Most IoT Projects Fail Due to Lack of Experience, Security (ZDNet)

Three quarters of all Internet of Things (IoT) projects are "failing", according to Cisco's Australian CTO Kevin Bloch, primarily because they have been designed to solve individua... More

MPAA Lobbies Congress on Streaming Piracy Boxes (TorrentFreak)

As part of its quest to reduce piracy, the MPAA continues to spend money on its lobbying activities, hoping to sway lawmakers in its direction. While the lobbying talks take pla... More

Stateful Firewalls Holding Their Own After More Than Two Decades (NSS Labs Blog)

First patented in 1994 by Check Point Software, stateful firewalls are an evolution of the packet filtering firewall. Stateful firewalls were a game changer because they introduced... More

DDoS-for-Hire Service Launches Mobile App (KrebsOnSecurity)

In May 2013 KrebsOnSecurity wrote about Ragebooter, a service that paying customers can use to launch powerful distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks capable of knocking indi... More

Amazon Web Services Adds New Services to Bolster Cloud Security (eWeek)

Amazon has announced a series of new security features for its cloud platform, providing users with enhanced capabilities to help protect S3 storage buckets and virtual private clo... More

Aspera Releases ‘FASP Times’ November Issue (HITS)

New product updates, a case study on French-language content producer/distributor Group AB’s adoption of Aspera Faspex On Demand and a recent watermarking workflow webinar were a... More

NSS Labs Announces 2017 Next-Gen Intrusion Prevention System Group Test Results (CDSA)

NSS Labs has announced the results of its Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) Group Test. In the 2017 NGIPS Group Test, security effectiveness testing was expanded ... More