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M&E Journal: Innovation at 200 Miles per Hour

By Jason Brahms, CEO, Video Gorillas - Video Gorillas founder Alex Zhukov has been an avid skydiver for years. He’s made more than 700 jumps and competed around the world. Th... More

M&E Journal: The Need for Speed: Automating the Localization Supply Chain

By Von W. Johnson, CEO, MCF Media Solutions, LLC - Language dubbing and subtitling have been standard distribution practice since the 1930s. The process and speed of localizing ... More

M&E Journal: Clear the Hurdles to Descriptive Metadata

By Corinne Whitney, Director of Content Services, Crawford Media Services Most content owners have recognized the need for descriptive metadata. Taking the first steps toward wr... More

M&E Journal: A Nuanced Approach to a Powerhouse Consumer Base

By Greg Boyer, Partner, U.S. Entertainment and Media Advisory Practice, PwC - You know which language feels right...” This boldly stated voice-over resonates in Xfinity’s l... More

M&E Journal: Digital Transformation Means Speed, Increased Expectations for M&E

By Suzanne Clayton, Principal Product Marketing Manager for Communications, Media and Entertainment, SAS - Consumers want content all the time, 24 hours a day, all around the w... More

M&E Journal: Netflix and Amazon Go Global: The Impact of Content Localization on Video Streaming

By Steven Herrera, Consultant, Zaszou, LLC - When Netflix and Amazon first introduced their video streaming offerings about 10 years ago, they presented alternatives to traditi... More

M&E Journal: Value Reality: VR, AR, MR and Beyond

By Tim Sarnoff, President of Production Services and Deputy CEO, Technicolor - If we are going to deliver on the promise to expose audiences to a new category of entertainment,... More

M&E Journal: How AI Will Help Build Better Metadata

By Ben Bendre and Noah Beltran, IBM - In the world of M&E, it seems the formula for success is always shifting. It is no longer enough to develop content for eyeballs. The cons... More

M&E Journal: The Power of Engines to Drive Entertainment App Development

By Jason Flick, CEO, You.i TV - “I never wanted to spend all of my time managing app development, but that’s the bulk of my day right now.” That’s a direct quote from... More

M&E Journal: Digital Workflows: Transforming Multimedia Production

By Anil Ganjoo, EVP, HCL America, Inc. - The heightened demand for enhanced digital experiences is pushing M&E enterprises to adopt intelligent operational models—that can en... More

M&E Journal: EIDR ID Round Trip Validates Vision of Unique Identifiers

By Jason Peña and Don Dulchinos, Entertainment Identifier Registry - EIDR first emerged as an organizing factor within the title management systems of the major Hollywood stud... More

M&E Journal: OTT Just Got Personal

By Chris Wagner, EVP, NeuLion - There’s nothing valuable about vanilla these days. Be it cars, smartphones, running shoes, burgers, you name it—we all now want to purchase t... More

M&E Journal: Riding The Content Management Tidal Wave

By Rob Gardos, CEO, Mediamorph - Like any sophisticated problem, the content-explosion challenge is best understood by breaking down the component parts, from creation to consu... More

M&E Journal: The Serverless Revolution

By Ian Hamilton, CTO, Signiant - Ever since moving images were first used for entertainment in the silent film era, constant technical advances have created opportunities for e... More

M&E Journal: TV Networks’ Rush to the Web May Be Fruitless Without Aggregation

By Bill Mobley, CEO, FreeCast - The consumer migration from cable and satellite TV to web-based video providers continues, with no sign of slowing down. Now more than ever, the... More

M&E Journal: Opportunities for Linear Television Using Data Science

By Sebastian Souyris, VP Data Science, RSG Media - You might be asking yourself, what is data science? In recent years, data science has become rather trendy and can mean many ... More

M&E Journal: Continuity: Things We Learned from the Fire

By Damien Carroll, Chief Operating Officer, Sohonet - On an early morning last September, Sohonet’s NOC responded to alarms showing that all office equipment had gone offline ... More

M&E Journal: Blockchain and the Hollywood Supply Chain

By Steve Wong and Björn Obermeier, DXC Technology - Hollywood movie studios, record labels, publishers and broadcast networks have traditionally served as the guardians of inte... More

M&E Journal: Put Your Film Data Into Focus With ‘Smart Production’

By Jukka Paajanen, Regional Technology Innovation Lead, Avanade - Imagine filming a movie. There is a vast array of details that reveal the “who, what, when, where and how”... More