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M&E Journal: Content Security and Disaster Recovery for Broadcasters in the Digital Age

By Tim Jackson, SVP Sales and Marketing, the Americas, Globecast - Media companies worldwide are becoming more focused on content security. Content security takes many forms, w... More

M&E Journal: How Digital Demand Is Disrupting Dubbing

By Dr. Stuart Green, CEO, ZOO Digital - Thanks to the boom in popularity of digital channels and internet streaming services for film, TV and video, content owners are seeing mo... More

M&E Journal: Managing Static and Active Metadata in Support of Content Preservation

By Linda Tadic, Founder and CEO, Digital Bedrock - Every production requires an investment of money, time, and emotions. When the production is complete and the work released, t... More

M&E Journal: Women in Technology Aren’t Statistical Aberrations

By Bhanu Srikanth, Chief Technology Officer, Giant Interactive - I’m going against popular opinion here: Google made an enormous mistake when they fired James Damore, the eng... More

M&E Journal: Content Security Through Platform Leadership

By Andrew Patterson, CTO, Cast & Crew Entertainment Services - The public’s awareness and interest in content and internet security is at an all-time high. This is particular... More

M&E Journal: Avoiding Cybercrime: Taking the Right Steps

By Mathew Gilliat-Smith, CEO, Fortium Technologies - Instances of content piracy are nothing new. Thieves have been stealing movies and television shows for decades, but recent ... More

M&E Journal: Media Grabs All the High-Tech Goodies

By Roger Sherwood, Director, Global Strategy & Marketing, Cisco Systems - When you work for a company steeped in internet protocol (IP) technologies, and your job is to help ce... More

M&E Journal: The Evolving Television Supply Chain: Everything is Changing… and Always Will Be

By Tom Anthony, Senior Product Manager, Content and Licensing, Vistex - Anatural consequence of advancing technology is the ability to get your content delivered to your end con... More

M&E Journal: Smart Content Will Simplify the Digital Supply Chain

By Uri Kogan, Vice President, Product Marketing, Nuxeo - Everyone in the M&E content ecosystem knows the Holy Grail of content value generation is in serving the right content ... More

M&E Journal: Designing an Efficient QC and Delivery Workflow for IMF

By Ken Kiers, EVP Postproduction Services, My Eye Media - The Interoperable Master Format is an international file-based interchange of multi-version finished audio visual work... More

M&E Journal: Cloud Control Options for Content Production

By Usman Shakeel, Worldwide Technical Leader, Media and Entertainment, Amazon Web Services - M&E customers are using the cloud for a wide range of use cases, including many ... More

M&E Journal: DVR in the OTT World: A Case for Updated Storage Requirements

By Jason Friedlander, Director, Marketing Communications, Verizon Digital Media Services - Thanks to the Supreme Court’s refusal in 2009 to hear the Cablevision remote DVR ca... More

M&E Journal: Mitigating Cyber Risks Through Military Strategies

By Martin Mazor, SVP and Chief Information Security Officer, Entertainment Partners - These days, cybercrime is pervasive. Scan the news and you’ll likely run into informatio... More

M&E Journal: 2017 IT Hiring Environment Was Bright for Job Seekers … and 2018 Should Be Great Too

By Paul Flaharty, Regional VP, Los Angeles, Robert Half Technology - There was good news for tech professionals who planned a career move in 2017: The general IT hiring market ... More

M&E Journal: Entertainment Auditing Reaches a New Level

By Chris Johnson, Global Director, Anti-Piracy & Compliance Programs, Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) - This month marks 15 years that I have been activel... More

M&E Journal: Invention and Revolution

By Robert Gekchyan, Founder and CEO, ANG Digital - Before Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the mid-1400s, all literature in Europe was created by hand, largely... More

M&E Journal: Digital Screeners: Walking the Security-Playback Tightrope

By Alex Nauda, Chief Technology Officer, MediaSilo - With piracy an ever-growing problem and high-profile hacks affecting multiple networks and streaming services, security is t... More

M&E Journal: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Language

By Robert Holmstrom, Chief Technology Officer, BTI Studios - A number of recent trends are strongly influencing how we consume TV and films. In turn our response is influencing ... More

M&E Journal: Why the Holy *&^% Do You Need PR?

By Bob Gold, Founder, President & CEO, Bob Gold & Associates - Did I get your attention with the censored title? Turns out book publishers lately add all kinds of rude words to... More