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Smart Content Summit Keynoter: Benefits of Interoperability Outweigh Risks

NEW YORK — The enormous benefits offered by interoperability far outweigh any of the possible risks, according to John Palfrey, an author and lecturer who has become an expert on... More

Okta Exec: New Security Challenges Require New Enterprise Security Model

In today's “cloud-first, mobile-first” world, a new enterprise security model is needed by companies and other organizations to respond to the new challenges that have arisen t... More

AR, VR Presence Surges at Toy Fair

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are being incorporated into an increasingly larger number of toys and other products targeted at kids, and that was made abundantly ... More

TiVo CEO: Samsung Licensing Deal Provided a Lift in Q4

The wide-ranging intellectual property licensing deal that TiVo recently signed with Samsung Electronics gave TiVo a revenue boost in the fourth quarter (ended Dec. 31), according ... More

Google Cloud Exec: Many Companies Interested in Moving to the Cloud, But It’s Still Early Days

Alphabet is seeing a growing number of companies looking to shift to cloud storage of their data, but we’re still in the very early days of companies across all industries actual... More

Microsoft Azure Exec: Global Political Issues Impacting Cloud Conversations

Recent political situations in countries including the U.K. and U.S. have had a “very material impact on the cloud conversations” that Microsoft has been having with customers,... More

Oracle Launches Data Integrator Cloud Service

Oracle expanded its cloud platform data integration offerings Feb. 13 with the launch of a Data Integrator cloud service that the company said will help organizations reach improve... More

Activision to Ramp Up eSports Initiatives

Activision Blizzard will be significantly expanding its eSports initiatives this year after seeing strong results from that business in its fourth quarter and fiscal year, ended De... More

Munson: Availability of Aspera High-Speed Transfer Service Expands

Availability of the Aspera High-Speed Transfer Service (ATS) that the IBM division introduced last year has been expanding since launching on Amazon Web Services in late November, ... More

Teradata CFO: Growing Number of Customers Opting for Subscriptions (MESA)

Teradata is making significant investments this year as it shifts its business strategy to focus on its customers’ increased demand for hybrid cloud data management and subscript... More

Viacom Unveils Five-Point Turnaround Plan (MESA)

New Viacom CEO Robert Bakish laid out a five-point plan on Feb. 9 that he told analysts was designed to improve the company’s performance. Key elements of the plan include the c... More

Disney’s Iger Predicts ‘Significant Growth’ for New Multi-Channel Market Entrants

It’s still early days for over-the-top (OTT) streaming TV services, but they’re well-positioned to take advantage of the increased shift to TV viewing on mobile devices, accord... More

Fox CEO Confident Hulu Will Overcome Live-Streaming TV Challenges (MESA)

Although there continue to be technical challenges in delivering live streams of TV programs to thousands of viewers at the same time, Hulu is working hard to overcome them ahead o... More

Cognizant’s Stepping Up its Shift to Digital Services, Solutions

Cognizant is significantly accelerating its shift to digital services and solutions in response to growing demand from its clients in recent quarters, according to CEO Francisco D... More

Amazon CFO: Company to Continue Investing Heavily in Prime Video

Amazon liked what it saw with customer engagement and its Prime Video service in the fiscal year and fourth quarter (ended Dec. 31), and will continue investing heavily in the serv... More

PlayStation VR Boosts Sony’s Game Business

Sony’s launch of the PlayStation (PS) VR virtual reality headset for the PS4 video game console provided a lift for the company’s Game and Network Services business in the comp... More

Facebook CEO: Continued Progress on VR, AI Initiatives

Facebook’s aggressive virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives continued during the fourth quarter (ended Dec. 31), with the company seeing more promisin... More

EA CEO: Company to Expand eSports Initiatives

Liking what it’s seen thus far with its Competitive Gaming Division (CGD, gaming company Electronic Arts (EA) is looking to expand eSports initiatives during its next fiscal year... More

Azure Boosts Microsoft Q2 Results

The Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform provided a boost to Microsoft’s fiscal second quarter results (ended Dec. 31), according to the tech giant. Azure revenue soared 9... More