Twitter Debuts Livestreaming With High Definition Broadcast of Wimbledon (Adweek)

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Inside ESPN’s Push to be the Worldwide Leader in eSports (Digiday)

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Spotify says Apple Won’t Approve a New Version of its App (Recode)

Spotify says Apple is making it harder for the streaming music company to compete by blocking a new version of its iPhone app. In a letter sent this week to Apple’s top lawyer, S... More

Facebook Signs Deals With Media Companies, Celebrities for Facebook Live (WSJ)

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HBO Now Struggles During ‘Game of Thrones’ (Multichannel News)

HBO Now, the premium programmer’s stand-alone OTT service, suffered a temporary outage Sunday night as subscribers swamped the system to watch the newest episode from season six ... More

Brands Want To Predict Your Behavior By Mining Your Face From YouTube Videos (Motherboard)

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Artificial Intelligence and the Potential of Next-Generation Dating Apps (HPE Matter)

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Twitter Adds ‘Go Live’ Button To App (IBT)

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Social Media Finds New Role as News and Entertainment Curator (NY Times)

By the end of last week, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook would conduct “a full investigation” into accusations that editors at the company prevented news stories from conser... More

Euro 2016 to Drive Second-Screening Frenzy (Mobile Marketing)

Second screening in the UK will reach its zenith during this summer’s European Football Championship, according to new research commissioned by programmatic ad tech firm, RadiumO... More

Snapchat User Content Fuels Jump to 10B Daily Video Views (AdAge)

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Fifty Minutes: How Much Time Do You Invest In Social Media? (Forbes)

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Twitter’s Australian Head of Music Claims Periscope Users Watch 40 Years of Content Per Day (Billboard)

A year after live-streaming apps -- namely early contender Meerkat and the now-dominant Periscope -- broke through to the tech-saturated throngs of South By Southwest, Jennie Sager... More

The NFL on Facebook Is a Glimpse at the Radical Future of TV (WIRED)

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Turner Sports, Snapchat Sign ‘Live Stories’ Deal, Starting With March Madness (WSJ)

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‘Game of Thrones’: New Trailer Arrives for Season 6 (Variety)

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AT&T Says It Wants to Sell You Web TV, Too (Re/code)

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