Dolby Atmos Brings the 2018 Olympics with All the Thrill, None of the Chill (Digital Trends)

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Publishers, Brands are Copying Snapchat’s Story Feature for Their Apps, Mobile Sites (Digiday)

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Snapchat Stories Will Soon be Shareable on Twitter, Facebook (CNBC)

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Apple’s App Store Generated Over $11 Billion in Revenue for the Company Last Year (Forbes)

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What Blockchain Has in Store for Media and Entertainment in 2018 (Forbes)

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Facebook Launches a Messaging App for Children That Has Parental Controls (CNBC)

Facebook is launching a messaging app specifically for kids, but which gives parents control over who their children can chat with, the company announced Monday. Messenger Kids ... More

Video Will Make Up 75 Percent of Mobile Traffic in Five Years (Recode)

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Snapchat Rolls Out ‘Intelligent’ Image Recognition Filters (GeoMarketing)

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Why GDPR Is Good for Online Advertising, Even Ad Tech (MediaPost)

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HBO Launches ‘Mosaic’ Interactive Storytelling App (HMM)

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How Mobile Apps Drive the Music Industry (IT Pro Portal)

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New Digital Series Explores the Future of Humans in the Age of Advanced Technology (Found Remote)

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Why Snapchat Spectacles Failed (TechCrunch)

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