Hulu’s Big Emmy Night Marks a Streaming Milestone (CNBC)

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Hulu Becomes First Streaming Service to Win an Emmy for Outstanding Drama (Adweek)

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NeuLion Partners with NOVA to Power New OTT Digital Service for Premium Content Delivery (SSN)

NeuLion today announced a new partnership with NOVA Broadcasting Group (NOVA), a Bulgarian broadcaster, to launch a new over-the-top (OTT) service. “We are very excited to be par... More

Darren Aronofsky’s New Film ‘mother!’ is Designed to be Beautiful on an iPhone (Quartz)

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Spotify iMessage App Allows Users to Share Songs Without Leaving the Conversation (Billboard)

Spotify's new iMessage app lets you send and receive songs from friends without closing out of the conversation, Engadget reports. A spokesperson for Spotify confirmed the launc... More

NeuLion to Power Sky Sports Box Office OTT Service (MESA)

NeuLion today announced that it is partnering with Sky Sports to power its new, direct-to-consumer over-the-top (OTT) service, Sky Sports Box Office. The NeuLion® Digital Platfo... More

Disney Plots Streaming, from ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel to Pay-Per-Sports (NYT)

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Flixster Video Ceasing Operations (HMM)

Flixster Video, the download and streaming service operated by online movie app, is ceasing operations today (Aug. 28). The move does not affect In a pos... More

Netflix Launches Comedy Instagram Account (Found Remote)

Netflix has launched a new Instagram account solely dedicated to its Comedy offerings. Ahead of Jerry Seinfeld’s upcoming Netflix Stand-Up Special, the streaming giant seeks to g... More

Twitter Punches Its 24-Hour Livestreaming Ticket to Sports Network Stadium (Adweek)

Multiplatform sports network Stadium will livestream on Twitter 24 hours per day. Stadium—which announced an agreement Wednesday to livestream 15 college football games on Fac... More

Survey: Millennials Say There are Too Many Streaming Services (Light Reading)

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