4 Consumer Trends Revolutionizing Content Consumption (CMO)

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Live From the U.S. Open: IBM Watson Media Opens Up AI Possibilities for USTA (SVG)

IBM has long been a major tech player for the USTA at the US Open, providing backend technology ranging from the US Open app to the SlamTracker point-by-point analysis tool. This y... More

Apple Backtracks on the Blue Bar of Shame for Location-Based Apps in iOS 11 (AdExchanger)

Location-based apps are getting an unexpected reprieve from Apple’s blue bar mandate, an overlay at the top of the phone screen designed to tell users how and when apps are using... More

IBC 2017: 24i to Showcase Cutting-Edge OTT Apps (MESA)

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How Sports Publishers Will Use the NFL Season to Push Direct Connections (Digiday)

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Twitter Enables Account Sharing in its Mobile App, Powered by TweetDeck Teams (TechCrunch)

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Can The iPhone Change The Way We Live Again? (Fast Company)

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Apple is Planning a 4K Upgrade for its TV Box (Bloomberg)

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HTC Drops Vive VR Price (SSN)

In a bid to stay competitive with the likes of the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, HTC Aug. 21 lowered the price of its Vive headset to $599, a $200 price cut. With 420,000 devi... More

AT&T Debuts DirecTV Now-Driven Tablet (SSN)

AT&T Aug. 25 will street a new tablet, dubbed Primetime, for $200, with the company pushing its own DirecTV Now service as part of the deal. The 10-inch tablet comes pre-package... More

Virtual Reality Films Take Hold at Fall’s Film Festivals (Variety)

The possibility that virtual reality could push the limits of the moviegoing experience took a leap forward with Alejandro G. Inarritu’s immigration-themed installation “Carne ... More

The iPod’s Legacy: How Apple’s Music Player Reshuffled its Future (ZDNet)

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Wipro Opens Data Discovery Platform for Businesses on Microsoft Azure (Business Standard)

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Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? (The Atlantic)

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Oculus Now Lets Rift Users Launch Steam Games in VR (

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How Mobile is Changing Back-to-School (Mobile Marketer)

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