Digital Video Is Now More Popular Than Primetime TV: Study (Variety)

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Twitter Pitches ‘Creative Toolkit’ to Entertainment Industry (Variety)

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Cannes Film Festival Puts on Its Virtual Reality Headset (Variety)

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Periscope to Upgrade Broadcast Search, Add Drone Support (B&C)

Broadcasts on Periscope will now be searchable via title and topic, with the company adding tags for travel, food, music and more. The company will also add a “First Scope” fea... More

Podcasts Surge, but Producers Fear Apple Isn’t Listening (NY Times)

These days, many amateur podcasters are going professional. Major media organizations, searching for answers and bright spots in a fast-changing and confusing digital world, are re... More

Rovi’s $1.1B TiVo Acquisition Is About Discovery And Addressability (AdExchanger)

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NBC Sports to Leverage Periscope’s GoPro Integration for Kentucky Derby Coverage (The Drum)

The Kentucky Derby is fast approaching, and viewers, attendees, and NBC Sports know that this is no ordinary horse race: it’s an all-out spectacle. Derby Day is a fashion show, f... More

Hulu Is Said to Plan Full Cable and Broadcast Channel Streaming (New York Times)

Hulu, until now primarily a rerun service for episodes of broadcast television shows, is working to create a more robust offering that would stream entire broadcast and cable chann... More

Fifty Minutes: How Much Time Do You Invest In Social Media? (Forbes)

Fifty minutes a day: on average that’s how long we spend using Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, and that’s without taking WhatsApp into account, where in countries ... More

HBO Go Finally Proved It’s Ready For Prime Time (Forbes)

Trying to watch anything on HBO Go on Sunday nights the past few years has been nothing short of a complete and utter disaster for me. I’ve stumbled and stuttered through Game of... More

Vevo’s Recommendations Get more Personalized, Thanks to Integrations with Spotify, Twitter and YouTube (TechCrunch)

Music streaming service Vevo has been working to extract itself from YouTube’s shadow over the past several months, despite the two networks’ symbiotic relationship. The compan... More

Twitter’s Australian Head of Music Claims Periscope Users Watch 40 Years of Content Per Day (Billboard)

A year after live-streaming apps -- namely early contender Meerkat and the now-dominant Periscope -- broke through to the tech-saturated throngs of South By Southwest, Jennie Sager... More

Why Technology Makes ‘Too Much TV’ Obsolete (Observer)

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All Hail Comedy’s Takeover of TV (Variety)

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CBS Predicts 8 Million Subscribers for CBS All Access and Showtime Streaming Services by 2020 (Variety)

CBS has made a bold prediction to Wall Street that its stand-alone streaming services, CBS All Access and Showtime, will each amass 4 million subscribers by 2020. CBS chief operati... More

The Power of Search Beyond the Box (The Drum)

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YuMe Targets Connected TV’s with Custom Ads (Beet.TV)

YuMe is expanding its advertising operations around connected TV’s with custom advertising — meeting the advertising needs of marketers and TV manufacturers whose screens host ... More

Over Half of U.S. Homes Now Stream Video to the Living Room TV (StreamingMedia)

The online video world has reached an important benchmark, says the business intelligence company the NPD Group: 52 percent of all broadband-enabled U.S. homes now have at least on... More

Television Has a Business Model Problem. And It’s Killing Good TV (REDEF)

Despite record profits, more original scripted series were canceled in 2014 than even aired 15 years earlier. Not only are most of these failures unnecessary, they'll continue to e... More

Turner’s Super Deluxe Is Building a Video and Gif Aggregation Site (Variety)

In its current form, allows users to manually collect videos from YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere and organize them in collections, or boards, as they’re called on the si... More