Teradata Introduces Open Source Kylo Software Platform

As part of its ongoing open source software strategy, Teradata has introduced Kylo, a data lake management software platform that the company says will help users quickly build and manage data pipelines.

Kylo “will deliver unprecedented efficiencies for companies creating data lakes,” Teradata said in a news release March 8, adding the platform was built using the latest open source capabilities, including Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark and Apache NiFi.

The new platform is being offered under Teradata’s Apache 2.0 license and “evolved from code harvested from proven data lake engagements led by” Teradata-owned Think Big Analytics, which it said will provide services and support for Kylo.

The platform was designed to “help organizations address the most common challenges they face in data lake implementation efforts,” Teradata said. Those challenges include the “central problem that data lakes simply take too long to build, and in the average 6-12 month build cycle, users find that use cases can become out of date and less relevant to quickly evolving businesses,” it said.

Also, despite the lower cost of software, engineering costs quickly rise, it said, adding Kylo can “easily help resolve these challenges because it integrates and simplifies pipeline development and common data management tasks, resulting in faster time to value, greater user adoption and developer productivity.”

No coding is needed with Kylo, and it also “leverages reusable templates to increase productivity,” Teradata said.

“Kylo is an exciting first in open source data lake management, and perfectly represents Teradata’s vision around big data, analytics, and open source software,” Oliver Ratzesberger, Teradata EVP and chief product officer, said in the news release.

He added: “Teradata has a rich history in the development of many open source projects, including Presto and Covalent. We know how commercial and open source should work together. So we engineer the best of both worlds, and we pioneer new approaches to open source software as part of our customer-choice strategy, improving the commercial and open source landscape for everyone.”

Kylo software, documentation and tutorials are available now, at the Kylo project web site: www.kylo.io and the GitHub web site, github.com/Teradata/kylo.

Open source software offers “many opportunities for the tech industry, particularly around innovation and community building,” Teradata said at its web site.

Prior open source announcements by Teradata in recent months included its purchase of consultancy Big Data Partnership last year as it expanded its open source analytics services.