Smart Screen Exclusive

Watchwith Sync-to-Broadcast Content Creation and Syndication Platform Supports Live TV Programming

Watchwith® has announced a key upgrade to its Sync-to-Broadcast content creation product, Showrunner™. New Showrunner features include support for live television production and distribution, automated creation of Sync-to-Broadcast related content powered by RAMP’s MediaCloud platform, and the ability for TV programmers to quickly and easily define new DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) inventory within a Sync-to-Broadcast consumer experience on the web, phone, tablet, or connected TV.

Watchwith also announced this week partnerships with NBC, USA and Syfy, who are utilizing Watchwith’s Showrunner to power their proprietary second screen apps and brands like “The Voice – Live” and “SyFy Sync,” to extend that content to social TV partners such as zeebox. These and other networks are using Showrunner to add polls, trivia games, photo galleries, and social check-ins to their web, mobile, tablet, and connected TV products.

Television producers have previously used Showrunner to create original Sync-to-Broadcast content for pre-recorded television programming. Producers of live news, sports and reality competition television programming can create valuable, engaging, Sync-to-Broadcast related content on the fly, experiment with new forms of audience engagement on mobile, web and tablets, and enhance live television events with Sync-to-Broadcast content that must be experienced live.

“Our customers are rapidly discovering new ways to engage their viewers,” says Zane Vella, Watchwith CEO. “Showrunner is proving to be a powerful tool for both creative expression and unlocking new revenue from live and pre-recorded TV.”

The entire platform is designed for content creators to be able to quickly and easily create Sync-to-Broadcast content, says Geoff Katz, Watchwith’s Vice President, Business Development and Marketing.

“We think that adding engagement timed to the show is part of the magic that second screen brings,” Katz says.

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